Thanksgiving bonus question

UWOJibiDehUWOJibiDeh Posts: 11Member Beginner
I had something weird happen today. I took three toons, all in adventure jobs, to Newfoundland to collect white ore and get the exp bonus. Two of the three were getting 100+xp per collection, but the third was just getting normal amounts, like 4 or 5xp. They all started together. The only thing different about the third that I can think of is that he isn't a member of a company. Is that a factor? What else might be preventing the third from getting the xp bonus?



  • FerrolioFerrolio Posts: 67Member Beginner
    Has that third character taken the trains from Omaha at least once before? That seems to be a factor.

    The other factor is low skill ranks preventing the collection/procurement of the better goods, and thus not triggering the exp gain.
  • UWOJibiDehUWOJibiDeh Posts: 11Member Beginner
    It was the trains that did it. Thanks for suggesting it. He's getting the bonus now.
  • LyonesseJosephLyonesseJoseph Posts: 636Member Intermediate
    That's why I set my low level toon's Field Activites 1 on that's way she will get 2+ trade goods guaranteed. Tbh, I had to remove Field Activites 2 because it filled her small cargo so fast lol.
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