abuse of kick mode and toxic chat (solution included)

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hello everyone.I have been playing blackshot for some time and in almost every game you kick the players out. just like that or you say that you cheat. then I can no longer rejoin in 4-5 lobbies and can hardly play anymore cash shop bought a lot and do good kills then I am a cheater and get kicked. in the chat you get insulted you can not bring a chat mute mode so that I can concentrate on playing it is very exhausting. greetings


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    Hello dear @microbyte ,

    As a veteran player, who usually gets accused in-game for no reason and sometimes finds himself kicked out of several rooms, I can definitely understand your frustration from the situation.

    There will always be those who deny the existence of better players, either consciously or not. Unfortunately, in most cases, we don't have the ability to influence them or make them change their behavior. Therefore, as long as they rely on the Kicking System, we need to find other solutions in order to face the situation and avoid being kicked.

    One solution, which I personally think is the most effective, is to play with some friends who can press f12 whenever someone initiates a vote against you. Even a vote or two in your favor will be suffice in order to inhibit the process in most cases, thus making it much harder for those "pesky foes" to kick you out. Furthermore, I noticed that when someone receives a few votes in his favor while being kicked, it sometimes affects other players' opinions about him, making them want to protect him in future kick attempts. Therefore, having some friends to back you up is a good way to tackle the situation. This solution also helps you focus on the game itself, instead of wasting your time sending messages on the chat.

    A different approach, which I sometimes exercise when none of my friends is online, is to pay more attention to other players' reactions during matches. If someone calls you a hacker, try saying that it was a lucky shot or that you simply have a good day. When other players see that you are being friendly and reacting to his messages, they will usually judge you more favorably and perhaps press f12 for you. Who knows, you may even meet some new friends this way, which also leads back to the first solution mentioned above.

    Regardless of everything written above, if a player violates the chat rules by sending improper messages against you or anyone else (either via a whisper or in the public chat), capture a screenshot/video as evidence and report him by sending a support ticket. After that, the GMs will take the necessary measures against him.

    I hope my suggestions will help you avoid getting kicked frequently.
    See you in-game!
    Best regards,
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