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ItzMeHP008ItzMeHP008 Posts: 0Member Beginner
To Admin, Honestly my id has be banned for a long time because using hack only for first time, is it fair for me?
They should warning and remind me at the first time because using this hack, i begging you to unbanned my id.
Honestly thats not me using hack, that is someone i dont know interrupted my account and use it.

For your kindness, i hope my id will be unbanned soon,
Thank You Papaya for you kindness.
Love and peace from one of your fans. 


  • GMbonovoxxGMbonovoxx Posts: 90Papaya Play Beginner
    Using a hack is a willful violation of the Terms of Service, and thus justifies a permanent ban. If you want to appeal the ban, you are free to do so, but please send us a support ticket so we can keep track of your case. Thank you.
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