[NOTICE] Update to our War Rock Team

WarRockTeamWarRockTeam Posts: 199Approved Member, WR Lead GM Trainee
Hello Soldiers,

We have some exciting news. We recently expanded our team and we now have 10 new members! With these new additions we now have a more encompassing team that can assist more of our communities in their native languages.

We have selected 6 new members to assist our Global communities. We also have 4 new members to assist our SEA communities.

Please give a warm welcome to:
New Global members: Witcher, Spawn, Selfish, Kanna, Bino, and Moon
New SEA members: GrimReaper, Tuned, Logan, and Lapis

Our new recruits will be getting set up here on the Forums and on Discord today. In about a week from now you may see them in-game assisting with events!


War Rock Team
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