Where to get these items?

mokmvsk4mokmvsk4 Posts: 6Member Beginner
I want know the location for farming these items as follow:
1. seed of dream, 
2. Amber
3. Arcadia's protection


  • miha2008miha2008 Posts: 8Member Beginner
    Only drops.
    seed of dream maybe on Haieff
  • GMbonovoxxGMbonovoxx Posts: 70Papaya Play Beginner
    edited March 20
    Hi there mokmvsk4,

    Seed of Dream drops almost everywhere, though they are very rare. You can also trade Mitera's Anger/Ghost/Insanity for them from Wingo.

    Amber are fish, and can be obtained from fishing spots.

    Most players purchase Arcaida's Protection from the DShop, but it also be purchased from the Arcadian Messenger for Seed of Dreams, but I can't recall the cost and duration off the top of my head.
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