[Lost Memo CH.3] All About Cetus



  • Beomi2018Beomi2018 Posts: 54Member Beginner
    23. Maltese Galley(MG: Kagarios) Ottoman Phantom Panel

    I finally met him!! When I checked his ship in Alexandria, it was well made :)  So I took a screen shot first and told him whether I could his ship image to Forum here haha.  But He was afk at the time  >.<

    I found him buying something in merchant chat, and I snatched him and asked, He answered "Feel free to post it" hehe.  He must be a cool guy!!  Let's take a look at!!

    He put  RA+DP and OSP MBA

  • Beomi2018Beomi2018 Posts: 54Member Beginner
    24. Maltese Galley(MG: Batholomew) Swedish Phantom Panel

    I want to show you another well made MG ship :)  
    He put RA/DP + MBA ship skill too and put Swedish Phantom Panel.

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