[BS-GLB EVENT] Clan Wars Feedback (finished)

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Hello BlackShot Global soldiers,

Nothing produces great feedback like good ol' fashioned battlefield experience! We would appreciate if you could all share your suggestions to improve Clan War mode on this topic.

 Event Mechanics:

- From 12.02.20 to 06.04.20, you need to share your improvement suggestions for the reintroduced Clan Wars mode on this forum topic;

All players that leave their constructive feedback will receive a participation reward and we will select 5 lucky winners that will receive a top reward;

All suggestions will be taken under consideration for future improvements on the Clan Server, independent of the event results;

 Event Rules:

We only only consider as valid participants players that leave constructive feedback;

You can provide multiple suggestions but we will consider all as 1 entry;

 Event Rewards:

Participation: G36 Neo Stricker+ 3 days;

5 Lucky Winners: MSR Crophonenix+ 15 days;

Team BlackShot


  • killerof2013killerof2013 Posts: 2Approved Member Beginner
    i think you should make new maps that will be only in the clan wars and you could also improve matchmaking by making new clans with each other not pro clans vs new clan    IGN= sacredprince
  • kevramirezkevramirez Posts: 0Member Beginner
    Hi, I consider that clan war could be improved if clans had more space for members, most of the clans just have 6 to 20 players and that is not enough to have the clan war server full, I think that you should increase the number of members per clan, in that way it would be easier to play clan war, because there is a minimum of 4 or 5 members per clan in order to do a clan war(I guess, i'm not sure of this)

    That is my suggestion
    NickName: Sanduchito
  • joricamariijoricamarii Posts: 2Member Beginner
    Hi, for better game playing in public I wish to appear report for AFK. Guys who entered the game and stay base need to assume that, because team fight harder without one player. And if u will introduce report we can report him after match finished and for that he will lose ability to play 20 minutes, or another penalty. Same think will be better to apply in competitive mode, and report for bad game and bad manners are also good idea. Thanks. Have a nice day! IGN: ZeroCharisma_
  • unkown1985unkown1985 Posts: 39Approved Member Beginner
    Players can spend Gem for a t-shirt of their clan logo and on the back of the t-shirt that display their clan name back of it additional Gem for a logo on their specific gun. Also, if a players report cheaters and lose to said cheaters, there should be a method of which the loss from their clan record should be removed and revert any changes from that match and all involved on the cheating side should be punished.

    Add a Surrender Option: If a team is getting beat badly to the point all motivation is loss the host of the squad can request a surrender option in which all teammates will have to vote [Yes] on (this should only apply if they are losing towards the end of the game to prevent exploiting the system)

    IGN: IbustuKazuya

  • tocquevilletocqueville Posts: 1Approved Member Beginner
    At the moment in clan war, there are need of 3 clans which spining at the same time to make a match. It's a good idea which forces everyone to play with everyone. The thing is that there are not enough clans yet, so I suggest to remove this option for the moment.

    IGN: _SMB
  • joricamariijoricamarii Posts: 2Member Beginner
    To increase the popularity of the war clan, I think it is necessary to create some special emblems for the top 10 of the season (these emblems can be offered for the top 10 players of each clan, who played the most). And at the end of the season for each one according to the accumulated score, will obtain emblems or mask or helmet especially with the name of the clan and on the back with the position in the rating. Or emblems 
    on clothes that may be in the form of a clan mark. A good idea is different end-of-season gifts, for each position. Everyone wants to be special in the game.
    IGN: ZeroCharisma_
  • ratokrauserratokrauser Posts: 2Member Beginner
    Good evening!
    At the moment to fight a clan war you need 3 clans running at the same time to enter a match, I suggest you only grant 2 clans to start a clan war. Because many players are complaining about loby but they do not give feedback to improve.

    * You could do the same in competitive, when you get a number of points to win weapons. Example from 1st to 5th place (Clan) wins Ak47 gold + AWP gold. From 6th to 10th place (Clan) wins AK47 + smg sakura ... That way more players would play in the War clan and the matches would be more played.


    To complete my post above I could put more XP (UP RANK)
    in the Clan War, so it would not be the same competitive and more
    players would play in order to upgrade their ranks.

    IGN: Ratokrauser
  • IHATEGMIHATEGM Posts: 1Approved Member Beginner
    Clan War Improvement Suggestions

    • Display of maps

      Currently people in-game have the status "SD Random" and "INGAME". This should be changed to be able to see who is playing against who. For example "Hans Cargo" and "INGAME". A feature that was there in the past.

    • Unlimited spin duration

      At this point you need to restart a search after 0:32 seconds. This is annoying. Therefore, I'd recommend to let clans look for matches as long as they want without any restrictions.

    • More maps (or more rotations of maps)

      Obviously, it is being appreciated that we have more maps on CW than on Competitive. Yet it still feels very limited or not quite balanced. Thus, I suggest to either add more maps or to prevent the same map being "selected/randomized" multiple times.

    • Rewards

      After the release of ClanWar people were still playing Competitive. The reason is simple: because they are being rewarded for playing Competitive. This update there have been a huge influx of players in the ClanWar channel due to the event. Hence, I firmly believe that keeping those kind of event (even with smaller rewards) will keep the activity in the server steady.

    • All random

      As in the past the option "All random" which means a clan is searching for SD and TFM should be added. This is a convenient feature.

    • Rank restrictions

      Unfortunately, due to the current hacking situation in-game ClanWar some hackers also showed their presence in that server. A rank restriction should help to condemn this issue. Personally, I'd recommend at least 1st Lieutenant or even Captain!

    • Display ranks next to the clan name

      Clans that participate in ClanWars should be rewarded a rank (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum & Legendary) just like in the past! Legendary being the Top 5, Platinum rank 6-15, Gold 16-35, Silver 36-55 and beneath that Bronze). The point of this is to simply increase the "urge" to play ClanWar.

    Those suggestions are just to finalize the ClanWar channel. The current one is actually very impressive. The new addition with the ClanWar Match Record is magnificent and the fact that you cannot abuse any glitches or see the enemies health- and weapon bar is perfect. 

    IGN - truePrestige
  • crazywarriorcrazywarrior Posts: 1Member Beginner
    I think in order to play and to be more interesting the clan war mode you have to add other game modes such as running man and dominion because they are related to team play. Another idea would be to be a host for the war clan not to be low internet people because it ruins the whole game, and those who are observed with other programs banned for life.
  • orochiii1orochiii1 Posts: 1Member Beginner

    I believe that to improve the experience in the clan war, you have to have the availability of all the servers in the world to play against, that is, all countries regardless of ping,
    Return to the old clan system, with legend ranks, silver, gold and etc.
    also make seasons and rewards as in the competitive
    IGN: Orochii
  • ustad66ustad66 Posts: 4Member Beginner
    If the lowest rank major in clan wars, the tricks will be reduced a bit thanks ING:Ustad
  • ustad66ustad66 Posts: 4Member Beginner
    düşük rutbelilerin cogu hile kulanıyor düşük rutbelilere kısıtlama gelmeli teşekkür ING:Ustad 
  • ustad66ustad66 Posts: 4Member Beginner

    Most of the low ranks use cheats. Low ranks should come with restrictions. Thanks ING: Ustad
  • jordanayewjordanayew Posts: 0Member
    I think that if clan matches are restricted in rank, the cheats will be reduced ING: uTorrent_
  • iglassiglass Posts: 0Member
    klan maçlarında cıkan oyuncu tekrar katılmasın oyuna bu benim önerim ING:iclass
  • seif6aaloulseif6aaloul Posts: 1Member Beginner
    I suggest to return that music in the beginnig of the clan war , also I noticed that the clan mark and clan name are so expensive so try to make them cheaper

  • ustad66ustad66 Posts: 4Member Beginner
    Clan matches against hackers should be at least captain and above ranks. ING = Ustad
  • tomeiban0123tomeiban0123 Posts: 0Member Beginner
    Olá para todos, acredito que uma boa forma de incentivar os players do CW seria uma espécie de prêmio diferenciado para os ganhadores como itens raros (troféu dourado, armas de BP 4 estrelas renováveis e entre outros...) pois itens como Scar Omega, Hk416 VTG Specter de BP somente conseguiram os players mais antigos, e hoje, pensar em benefícios para os novos players aparenta ser um ótimo incentivo! Jogadores com melhor performance que tiverem como prêmio estes itens irá incendiar a disputa e trazer muitos players para o CW!

    Outro feedback que acho interessante seria o mecanismo de "Regras Personalizadas" no CW, como por exemplo: Partidas onde são proibidos o uso de Gás Granade, Armas de 5 estrelas rosa, ou até mesmo a opção de personalizar a partida, onde você cria um modo de jogo, limitando os itens que podem ser usados na partida.
    No servidor brasileiro temos o costume de criar as partidas "MIX" onde passa a ser um campeonato interno onde os itens que podem ser utilizados são limitados (por exemplo: só podem ser usados os rifles ak redfrog, ak gold moon e type 64), esses modos fazem sucesso entre os brasileiros pois alguns playes no momento não dispõe de Gemas, então fazemos um modo mais acessível e igualitário que deixa o jogo mais atraente aos que não possuem mais condições. Acredito que uma ideia baseada nessa linha de raciocínio atrairia mais players ao CW, e é claro, com premiações. 
    Origado e tenham um bom dia!   IGN: Buynetlaggers
  • tomeiban0123tomeiban0123 Posts: 0Member Beginner
    Boa tarde, uma coisa legal que poderia ser alterada no jogo sério ou modo de dominação no CW, por ser uma forma de jogo que exige união e estratégia de tempo, esse modo seriamente bastante empolgante de se ter no CW. Obrigado e uma boa tarde!

     IGN: Buynetlaggers
  • erykko1erykko1 Posts: 1Member Beginner
    I suggest that you give your players free weapons for a week like (MSR OMEGA + ...) in order to play more and help them stay home to fight against the Corona virus, especially players who don't have the money to buy these weapons IGN:iC0caiNe_
  • Emrys90Emrys90 Posts: 1Member Beginner
    Hola !
    Just hoping that in-game will have a setting for performance or low graphic card user to avoid screen freeze,a ping number to be shown at screen for monitoring and like others players,i also hope there will be auto-boot in-game for player AFK more than 5 or  10 minutes.

    IGN : Khalashnikov
  • DSHDIABODSHDIABO Posts: 798BS ServerHead Intermediate

    Hello again Mercs,

    First of all we thank you all not only for participating but most important for sharing your improvement suggestions with us. Independent of the event winners results, all your suggestions will be taken under consideration for improvements on the Clan War Mode.

    With this being said, the 5 Lucky winners are...

     - joricamarii
     - orochiii1
     - ratokrauser
     - unkown1985

    Rewards will be credited soon to all participants accounts.

    Once again a huge thanks to all and don't forget to also participate on our latest Events.

    Team BlackShot
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