Repost of Latale Parody Videos, Spritecomic, and other art by Saitei

SaiteiSaitei Posts: 0Member Beginner
One of the other Latale's closed recently so I figured I'd repost all the crazy art stuff I made 8 years ago.

This is my youtube channel where I made Latale parody videos in 2012:

This is where I store pdfs and images of Latale comics I made:

And if people like my stuff and wonder what life hax it took to become like me, a top MMO player and a six figure software developer with many talents, I once wrote a free 71 page book of "life hacks" in 2006. People didn't even use the term life hacks back then. This is information that people read 710 7100 71000+ pages and struggle to find.
I host the PDF download links here and there's also an email for contacting me there: Includes stories involving police, mental institutions, bible study riot, a letter from a Pope, crazy adventures when I was younger and had a theory that could save the world if implemented.

The Saitei people knew from 2009-2012 was very different from the potentially criminally insane, psychologist's worst nightmare that he was in 2006. (At 22, I was armed with the same weaponry and was considered intellectually at age 32 at the doctoral level in at least psychology and theology.)

Current events might be added to the book about my life in the next weeks or months. (Certain people ruined my life in 2006 and only currently are they starting to make amends for their mistakes in February 2020. I once made a mistake and people I met while playing Latale helped me face that mistake in 2012.)
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