DSHDIABODSHDIABO Posts: 797BS ServerHead Intermediate
Hello BlackShot Global soldiers,

Seek out the GMs in combat and terminate with extreme prejudice! Beware...they've been given the same instructions about you.


- 12 Mar - 6 Apr, Tue & Thu 2100HRS CET


At the above timings, the GMs will create either a match and mode of their choosing.

The room location and password will be announced via lobby announcement. Join the room and fight!

You will be rewarded based on your performance 

You can only participate once a day and abusive behavior is grounds for disqualification.


MVP: AWP VTG Blaze+ 3d (Accumulates with Winning Team reward)
Winning Team: HK416 VTG Specter+ 3d 
Losing Team: Med Kit+ 3d

Team BlackShot
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