Papaya *WILL NOT* be extending perms.

ChocoQ420ChocoQ420 Posts: 33Member Beginner
So, hopefully somebody at Papaya Play can explain why they’re flip flopping on their decision to extend permanent weapon durations, for weapons that were sold as permanent but still have a timer that goes down. Once the timer becomes visible, as of like a year ago, Papaya extended them. Now they’re not extending them?
Y’all going broke and need people to buy more timed items so you’re no longer extending our current items that we bought permanently or something?

Keep in mind, I quit playing because you willingly withheld items I purchased, because DE couldn’t verify it, because Nexon sent them corrupted information. Other players quit playing due to lack of sales they were interested in, lack of players, and lack of support.

So, maybe someone from Papaya can give a public answer, as HGM’s are still just players, not employed by Papaya Play. Coz I got an answer on this account (I have several accounts) saying that my perms wouldn’t be extended, and several other players have messaged me telling me the exact same thing.


  • PAPAYAnexon2PAPAYAnexon2 Posts: 274Member Intermediate

    Permanent weapons cannot have a counter of 5000 days. 
    These scammers completely lost their minds. 
    I have not seen a more unscrupulous publisher.
  • ChocoQ420ChocoQ420 Posts: 33Member Beginner
    There are weapons that weren't coded to have a permanent duration, and Nexon decided to put them at the max duration (being 5,000 days) though as stated in another thread, i've read that some weapons can go up to 9,000+ days.

    I'll re-iterate this again incase anyone reading this doesn't feel like jumping to other topics.

    Nexon promised to re-extend the permanent duration of these "permanent" weapons given that they were sold as "permanent" but given a maximum duration counter.

    Papaya said they would uphold this promise, and have since gone back on their promise.

    That's the issue at the moment.
  • praynoprayno Posts: 10Member Beginner
    What a wacky complaint. How many days do your permanent weapons have left?

    5000 Days? Man that's +- 15 years. Are you really complaining about a permanent weapon which will expire over 15 year?

    They are probably extending the timers, but not as frequent as before.
  • ChocoQ420ChocoQ420 Posts: 33Member Beginner
    Sefish who *isn’t* employed by papaya but represents them on a face level, stated they won’t be re-extending perms. So your last statement makes no sense given they’ve said nothing & hinted at nothing to portray that.

    The days left on my weapons is irrelevant given they were sold as “permanent” and shouldn’t have an issue of a counter to begin with, being sold as permanent. If they were sold & advertised as “5000 days” or “3000 days” or whatever, then fine. I could accept that as a fact, they shouldn’t be extended at that point.
  • riuzaky12riuzaky12 Posts: 14Member Beginner

    As I said in another thread it is a bad mistake for papaya not to reinject these weapons.
    First, it is a good way to increase peoples affection in their regards and to paint nexon as the bad guy. 
    Second, they are kind of obliged to, this is just as if you are renting a flat, and the owner of the flat you are renting sells it to another owner. The contractual terms of your rent stay the same even with the new owner. It is just the right thing to do. Papaya is the current publisher of this game and everything got transferred over to them, therefore by being the continuation of NX they are also responsible for the false advertising NX perpetuated during their publishing time - permanent is permanent, 5000 days is not permanent, permanent is something I can pass onto my children when my time is due. Papaya is also continuing this false advertising thing by also by keeping the same boxes nexon had (those for the famas 8th and famas 3rd/5th slot permanent) and by selling the mystery boxes advertising them with the possibility of winning a permanent weapon which is in reality just a 5000 days one.
    Papaya should be taking it onto nexon for the issue they made them face and not on the few players which continue to populate this ancient game. It makes no sense to hurt their source of income because players who spent thousands just to see their weapons go away will just leave the game.
    Third, it actually makes no sense not to increase them, most of these weapons expire in 10+ years from now. Its not like they will be economically damaged by doing this, it is literally just a visual thing and it takes a few clicks to do the right thing and make players happy.
    The logic according to which Nexon never said they would increase the lenght of these weapons is flawed because:
    1. Weapons sold as permanent and permanent means no lenght
    2. Nexon never said they would NOT reinject these weapons. That is completely, and conveniently, Papaya's decision not to. Nexon is a multi-billionaire company, its revenue was close to 2 billion dollars in 2018. I dont see why they would not reinject these weapons and scam their players over.
  • riuzaky12riuzaky12 Posts: 14Member Beginner
    True that Choco, Papaya probably will never be expressing themselves officially on this matter not to compromise themselves legally and not to lose their face in regards of their customers. Notice how they have been avoiding it, there hasnt been any reply of any admin on these countless threads but keep sending their errand boy to give us these unofficial information. Surprised he didnt appear yet in this thread.
  • PAPAYAnexon2PAPAYAnexon2 Posts: 274Member Intermediate

    DRAGONFORCE This boy voicing papaya plans ))))
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