[BS-SEA] ELO Boosting Guidelines

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Good Day SEA Mercs,

The following details the general guidelines as to what constitutes ELO Boosting in BlackShot SEA

There are however, some key points to note:
1. These only serve as general guidelines and each case is still subject to individual review. 
2. The ELO of the opponent team will also be taken into account in determining if ELO Boosting has been committed
3. The GM Team reserves the right to deviate from these guidelines on a case-by-case basis, having reviewed all facts and circumstances
4. Intentionally suppressing one's ELO points counts towards ELO Boosting

You are advised that players caught ELO Boosting or Hack Assisting in Competitive are subject to having their Competitive Rewards forfeited for that season on top of an account ban. 

Information CAA 07.04.20

BlackShot SEA GM Team
Discord: GM-Santa#2638
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