[BS-GLB Community Feedback] Operation Neo Chronos Part 2 Update

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Hello BlackShot Global soldiers,

Operation Neo Chronos Stage 2 is now activated! Check out new character Harley, new experimental weapons and an all-new game mode: Knife Challenge! 


As usual, we would appreciate if you could check all the info on the links above, play a lot  to test all the new features and later share your feedback and improvement suggestions on this topic.

Thanks in advance and enjoy the update!

Team BlackShot


  • habitne3mahabitne3ma Posts: 9Member Beginner
    If strongly belive blackshot is getting more and more pay2win so it would be better if you guys fix it and bring back mastrey weapons and silencer and scope in mastrey unloackables
  • unkown1985unkown1985 Posts: 39Approved Member Beginner
    Change the level up rewards: I've played for 8 years and recently
    gotten to Commander and Chief and my level up reward was only a 3 day
    death bringer+. Back in the old days it was rewarded 1 million BP and 90
    day Awp Spectre.

    Change the Missions to get Gold more rewarding and more realistic: 
    For example there's a challenge where you have to get 500,000 kills for
    5k Gold. There is also a challenge to play Lost Temple Halloween (this
    map is only for the Halloween event not a year round map.)

    Fix The AFK System in Search And Destroy:
    As long as I remembered even back in TWC time's people could go AFK in
    SND till start till finish of the match and not be booted for IDLE,
    players love to exploit this to gain EXP and Gold (Not many players
    report these people to give them proper punishment) and other players
    will vote [NO] to kick the AFK, due to the fact it gives their team an
    advantage of winning and rewards free kills. Note (there is an IDLE
    system in Team Death Match so it does exists within Black Shot.)

    Reduce Bounty Gold to 15000, to 10000:
    player could spend 439 GEM for a 50,000 Gold Create, and doing the
    proper math the player can only hit the box 3 times (even with the
    reduction gold discount after 1st hit) therefore it's a more of a risk
    in getting a M4A1 Tiger or a 2 star weapon despite spending real money
    on a chance of getting something bad.

    Fix EXP and Gold System:
    The EXP and Gold System rewards players based off how long they are in
    the match despite kills,deaths, and points. This contrasts to my
    statement about "Players exploit the AFK system to gain exp and gold"
    the exp and gold should be rewarded based off points and some-what time
    spent. Also rewards players who defuse, capture the flag, or anything
    that helps towards winning in objective game modes  should be rewarded
    additional exp (yes they are rewarded with 5 points but if a strong team
    rush and capture the flag multiple times for example 4 minutes due to
    the EXP being rewarded off how long your in the game it won't reward you
    more then 500EXP and 300 gold yes the mvp will get a tiny bonus.) Also
    this new suggestion towards rewarding players for playing the objective
    should have the minimum of 5 to 6 players on both sides to reduce
    boosting. Also buff the exp and gold because a full search and destroy
    with none exp boost is around 1.6k (which is horrible) back in the day
    it used to reward 5k around each. And other modes should adopt this to
    make all worth playing besides Weapons Race and Search the more
    diversity of the modes the better the game will be and will make
    restocking weapons a lot easier and affordable (this should tie in with
    fixing the missions to earn EXP and Gold)

    P90 Emas and Gem Sniper nerf:
    was going to make a P90 Emas video on how OP the gun is, a high fire
    rate [90 bullet] gun kills literally 0.3 seconds up close is far to
    strong. And the GEM snipers like MSR Phoenix and AWP Ghost both
    basically 1 shots you even if its a leg shot these guns are far far
    beyond more strong then a free sniper when 1 shot kills are 50/50
    sometimes takes 3 shots to kill. I know they nerfed the sniper switch
    animation, but i see a lot of players still do it and still get those 1
    shot multi kills because the hit register and bullet travel are enhanced
    compared to a free sniper. I believe they need a small damage Nerf or
    fix buff the free snipers so the hit registration or damage be increased
    by at least 5 percent. 

    Weapon and Item Discounts: If a player restocks their gold weapon
    and gear multiple time's there should be a system similar to the Bounty
    Gold Box to give them a small discount on their next restock. This is a
    tiny detail but would make free to play players happier and save them

    Weapons And Items Received in mail: I've seen this
    comment on the discord server which i completely agree with. Whenever
    players receives mail containing guns and items it should be made
    [unused] if they accept it. it's not fair for someone to accept an item
    they don't want use because they want to save it for another day. They
    already have good items currently in-use and do not want to waste both
    items  at the same time. Or remove the timer for a player to accept the
    mail is another suggestion.

    Remodel Weapon Stats: So you
    can view your weapon stats in game in inventory by clicking on the
    weapon and clicking on the blue arrow next to it. I think this graph
    should be changed to a Pie-Chart with numbers or a Bar-Chart with number
    to make it look less confusing, the current graph looks in-accurate as
    well comparing GEM to Gold guns.

    Return Weapon Mastery Back Into Shop: I
    Think a ton of players want this to return, i used to be expert 4 in
    every class, and when it got taken away from me that did suck. But i
    think a lot of players want to see AK Gold,NZ1,NX1 back into the shop
    for mastery (i personally think they should be cheaper in gold because
    it's really expensive to restock all the time) but yeah, this should
    return. Right now only Grand Master Mastery's are in the game (which is
    also overpriced).

    BP Character Customization: So Right now there is only GEM suits,
    helmets, etc this game would be a little bit more fun if there were
    more diversity, back in the old day's players could buy different suits,
    mask, backpacks, helmets, etc. This is a little detail that would make
    the game a little bit more fun. Also make it so if you buy the silver
    and gold dragon's armor set you see gloves and armor in first person.
    Right now you still see the default characters gloves and fore-arm.

    Sand Storm ll & Lost Temple Weather Variation: The
    most classic and loved maps in Blackshot, these two maps should get a
    weather variation (similar to Lost Temple Halloween) Sand Storm ll
    should get one of the following:rain, a mini sand storm, or a night
    mode. Lost Temple should get one of the follow: Rain, or a night
    version. (Going back to the Sand Storm comment it shouldn't hard to see
    to disrupt players vision, but it should be noticeable.)

    Commander And Chief Level Reward:
    This is the top rank, meaning you spent hard earned time and dedication
    on Blackshot, your passion and love for the game should be rewarded
    with 1 million gold, and a permanent nx1 weapon of your choice. This
    seems fair because even at max rank i asked other CIC's their status,
    the free to play ones are really struggling (Like myself i have 1k BP
    restocking) every CIC now and in the future  should be rewarded even if
    they've reached it years ago. Reminder this no doubt the most hardest
    thing to achieve in blackshot. Maybe give the player a little bit more
    sense of joy, by somehow telling them how many hours / days it took for
    them to reach the rank.

    Stricter Methods To Prevent Multi Account: So
    as long as i can remember multi account wasn't allowed. But recently
    there are more Sergeant Masters and below playing way better than most
    colonels and above with BP / GEM Guns, and then some even  brag about
    being someone else on another account this is also a huge problem in
    competitive at the moment where these low levels are most likely using
    Macro's and other form of cheating to gain ELO or play with or use hacks
    but not make it seem so obvious, but with the experienced eye can
    obvious tell that they aren't legit. Please try harder to prevent multi
    accounting this will make players take serious measures in playing fair
    for all! I know at the moment you can create an account without getting a
    pop up "their can only be 1 account per-house hold" i know some-games
    like Osu! will give you that message and will ban both accounts unless
    proved its a family member in which case (2 accounts should be
    acceptable max or they can figure a way out to share it within the same 
    house hold just use different guns and figure out a solution make it

    Option To Change Ping Into MS: i know this is in the
    game, but this should be selected inside the options menu not by typing
    in some $$bsping i forgot what it even was.. but this will make it alot
    more easier to remember and let other players know it's inside the game
    without having prior knowledge that it even exists.

    Looking Into Hit Registration For North American's: This
    may be a issue for me because i live in North America, but whenever i
    ads with my sniper or shotgun when i click my gun will make the noise
    that i shot, but against another opponent who shoots second get's the
    kill. I tested this with a friend with both scoped at each other head
    with the same gun for far distances and he still got the kill.. i
    noticed this problem a while ago when id shoot my shotgun point blank
    and the bullet didnt even register or will do half damage.. Maybe this
    is a NA problem with the distances being far from the server.. i know
    the original North America server got removed because of it being buggy
    so please look into this problem. Also it feels like shooting my Assault
    rifle at someone takes more bullets then needed kill someone then
    Bring Back Player's Time Played On Info Cards: This
    feature needs to return, this was in the original Blackshot where you
    can click your info card and it will tell you how many hours you spent
    playing in-game. This should be public to everybody to determined
    weather they are a multi account, (which ties into my previous suggest)
    it is obvious if a player spent under 3 days of in-game time in
    Blackshot on top of the leader boards carrying their team will make not
    as new as it seems by rank. Also this is another way to show that you're
    a super dedicated player.

    Restrict Players From Competitive unless 3 days of in-game time: All
    these suggestion's I've made is to help Blackshot become more fun and
    lessen the chances of players making multiple accounts, and cheating in
    Competitive.. with this suggestion a player will need at-least 3 day of
    in-game time playing Blackshot (meaning they have to be in a match for 3
    full days in total to unlock competitive mode this is reasonable
    because a fresh new player from blackshot isn't thinking about
    competitive play, only the older players will have this mindset) this
    will urge players to play clean, and avoid playing with cheaters and
    will punish those who do. (How will they know if they spent 3 days
    in-game?? Simple it should unlock as a mission to spend 3 days of
    in-game time and accepting this mission once completed shall grant them
    access to the server.) This is one of the best suggestions to stop
    future multi account abusing in that mode. As a person who spent 8 years
    playing blackshot 3 days of in-game time is far, 7 days seems too long,
    but if 3 day's doesn't work than add 7.

    Fix invisible Kit in hand while shooting: Heres a video of the bug  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zhw7IAdCY88&feature=emb_title    So there's this bug where the enemy
    will have an invisible medkit / speedkit in 1 hand and in the other hand
    shoot their gun.. (this happens mostly with Assault Rifles) This is
    kinda annoying to deal with because the animation of it seems weird and
    it some-what gives them an advantage to kill you if up close because of
    the strafe of them moving.

    Uncensor Bad Words: So there is
    a lot of words that will be *'d out because of the system thinks it a
    bad word like "Sniper, Christmas, (i believe sunday is one) etc if it's
    too hard to find words that needs to be uncensored please make a
    statement to the community in which they submit words that they find
    that shouldn't be considered bad in for like a 1 day weapon reward or
    make a discord thread dedicated to this problem.

    Bring Back Old Character Models: Like
    i stated previously, make the game more diverse, i remember you had to
    buy the recent new  character models in the shop to keep, this should be
    the same with the old ones make it permanent so people can keep it and
    maybe add customization to it with my previous suggest on making BP
    clothing and gear equip able. Or just add 1 or 2 more free to use
    characters that used to be paid for by BSC like Mantis and Rayne, but do
    not add their special abilities. Just make the game more diverse by
    adding them just as a costume to make the game look more appealing.

    Make An Option Buy Gold Tactics And Certain Gold Guns Permanently: This
    suggestion is kinda cool, because restocking the same tactic over and
    over every 1-3 hours is kinda frustrating and is a waste of Gold.. For a
    bomb kit that i use daily if i play competitive it's completely
    randomized so the time im in playing TFM is wasting the time of my
    bombkit for example. Also i think Agility Boost should return as a
    tactic. And as far as Gold guns, a select few of 3 star guns and under
    should be bought permanently, and make pistols like that as well,
    because there only 2 or 3 useful free pistols in  the game for gold
    which are fully automatic and mostly used for finishing kills after a
    hitmarker with a sniper.

    Bring Back Double XP Weekends and XP every Holiday: i
    remember coming home everyday from school on the weekend to enjoy
    double xp weekend and leveling up easier during.. Now that the game
    haves really bad EXP and Gold problems (which i suggest the fix) they
    should add the exp system back like the twowar times, and add double xp
    for some of the popular maps or the modes no one ever play anymore, like
    cerebro, SND Infinity etc. this can increase the player count doing the
    days so more people are actively trying to level up! And during
    Holidays make them spend an extra hour or 2 before enjoying it with
    friends and family.

    Option to limit player whispering: So
    just like the option to block friend request and invites. there should
    be an Option to limit who can whisper you in game by adding it in the
    options menu there should be 3 boxes which are the following: Block Whispers from All. Only Friends Whisper. Everyone. this
    is so useful because i will randomly get whispered by someone i don't
    know about joining a clan, or them being toxic after i win in
    competitive, or get MVP in a regular match.

  • vleesmakervleesmaker Posts: 0Member
    I agree to the post from Unkown1985 but there is one thing which I don't agree on.

    P90 Emas and Gem Sniper nerf: i
    was going to make a P90 Emas video on how OP the gun is, a high fire
    rate [90 bullet] gun kills literally 0.3 seconds up close is far to
    strong. And the GEM snipers like MSR Phoenix and AWP Ghost both
    basically 1 shots you even if its a leg shot these guns are far far
    beyond more strong then a free sniper when 1 shot kills are 50/50
    sometimes takes 3 shots to kill. I know they nerfed the sniper switch
    animation, but i see a lot of players still do it and still get those 1
    shot multi kills because the hit register and bullet travel are enhanced
    compared to a free sniper. I believe they need a small damage Nerf or
    fix buff the free snipers so the hit registration or damage be increased
    by at least 5 percent. 

    I don't think the snipers are way too op. In the most games I play, snipers are one hit. 
    Ofcourse as you mention there should be one hit on the chest and not on hands or feets for example. The thing is also that sniper weapons in the game give 70% one shots generated randomly. Thats bad in my opinion. There should be 100% one hit on the chest for gems weapons but not for hands and feets. Then for gold weapons they should make the 70% one hit thing on chest and randomly generated. Ofcourse when they make a sniper which is 100% one hit they should nerf the firerate, but compared to rifle weapons I don't see the reason why they should nerf snipers, this because scar omega or ak egypt you get sprayed down in 3-4 bullets which is way too op. Imagin you are a sniper player and it was getting nerfed and you need to make TWO hits on the enemy everytime, you will get already sprayed down or got already a bullet trough your head...
  • vleesmakervleesmaker Posts: 0Member
    Hello BS Team,

    I like the new update so far as I tested it, here are my pros and cons:

    • Additional maps
    • New gears are also available for gold.
    • The gears are balanced, which is a great thing to see.
      (It's not overpowered for example when using speedkit)
    • New content of weapons,characters the design is awesome, huge respect to the content creators!
    • The items in the weekly progress are awesome! (Nice for new players and for non-casher players in the game, also perfect timing for a player to test weapons and items out before they buy them)
    • Competitive maps are really competitive maps, last season some maps were to huge and not playable for competitive gameplay.

    • Knife Challenge mode is not my thing.. I don't like it at all to be honest. 
      For sure melee players will like this mode but as normal player I don't have too much enjoyment in this mode. 
    • Maps which are useless and are not been played often should be removed and add others instead.
      (Check statics for that, if possible, personally I guess a lot of maps are useless for the moment) 
    • Some of the gold weapons should be one shot headshot, this because new and old players are used to it also in other fps games they can make a one shot headshot, just for the skill. At this moment players need to buy a weapon to make the skill, which is not really skillfull in my eyes.
    note: Post will be edited when seeing more pros and cons ofcourse!


    Good update in general, I mean it. (non overpowered things, good balance,..)
    Balanced new items,import of maps and gears available for gold. Design of new items are really awesome!

    Best Wishes and stay safe!
  • GraksmxxtGraksmxxt Posts: 12Approved Member Beginner
    Every update is a chance! You can deliver even more p2w content and increase the pay gap even more. Great that you used this great opportunity again...... like for update in the last 2 years.
  • entropyyyentropyyy Posts: 0Member
    bring back old blackshot mastrey stop pay2win stop pay2win stop pay2win 
  • entropyyyentropyyy Posts: 0Member
    we can see no changes even with so much suggestions and wants everybody say stop pay2win so many times and no changes then there is no reason to make a suggestion and like the game
  • entropyyyentropyyy Posts: 0Member
    bring back mastrey weapons in shop and stop pay2win :)
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