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smsmsos778smsmsos778 Posts: 0Member Beginner ID (login) :smsmsos778           First and last name :Marwen Selmene           Age :21 (1999/05/10)                                      Email            Mother Tongue :Arabic                                     Further languages :Frensh /English                 Country :Tunisia                                                Nationality :Tunisia                                         Gaming Experience :playing blackshot since 2011                                                                                                                                             i know that i am a tunisien player not supposed to become a GM ,but seriously i really can help to make BS a better game ..first i have many plans for this game new maps new weapons and other stuff but the most important think is if i become a GM i can be a responsible for the arabs players ( i am in the last year in mangment so i am prepared to do that and my target is to turn up the volume of players and elimante those who hack even if his my best friend ....) Blackshot is getting better day after day bc really guys , Papaya play is doing a great job since the revolution.But in the other side hackers are getting more and more stronger (i think 30 % use hack ) and even if Y bann their IP they still can play last week in discord serveur some players buy and sell a program who can change theire IP and hack again ....thats not a legal at all i mean how a normal player can play with those hackers for exemple i have many friends in tunisia don't play bs bc they are fed up of this .One more thing ,Blackshot use a bad treatement sometime with players you should win them financially ( motivate them to buy gems) and morally to make them invite more people to play ... let me give you an exemple , here in tunisia in 2010,Players start playing BS in my state Nabeul and maybe 1 years later all the states of tunisia started playing BS bc they enjoyed like me .... i hope you read my ticket seriously bc i send before 2 tickets and i didn t get a answer, i really need a chance that and I appreciate that .
Mar 07,2020 18:03


  • crazyhunter2003crazyhunter2003 Posts: 762Member Intermediate
    1st requirement of a GM is to know which forum you are in
    you failed!
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    IGN: Samantha99
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    Maybe he related to the LaTale and Blackshot posters before him in this que? XD
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