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Hello, I be Sui. Most see me runnin around as |Suicide|!
I love this community and the game , I've recently came back to the same problem I've had before I left (3 months after reset).

The only problem I've come across is that it takes a lot of money, like an embarrassing amount of money to make land battle gear maxed. Having this is not bad, but making it so expensive and easy for pay2win players in game to get OP simply by forcing deck every fight has had me stumped.

I spent the past month maxing all of my techs and meelee stats for land, studying and trying to learn how to get past the ..  what ? 50-60b if you're lucky to max a few land gears? I feel like if force deck went back to an optional mode it would keep the land battle rounded, it feels like without either spending months to a year of grind in game, or spending $500 on the shop, you have no chance in land against someone who has. 

Idk, it was pretty fair this way on GAMA and I hope I can see the game like that again someday <3 


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    Hey Sui, I can see your frustration when it comes to deck battles. Although, it can be frustrating I think the system is fair. First off only red/orange/blue char can be forced to deck and that's one of the downsides to pursuing those professions. The only rule that I don't like is that it bypasses your storage skill if you loose, that should be changed. Ya it can take alot of money to get the proper gear but while you build there's ways to defend yourself in the mean time...

    Deck Barrier: This is the best defense. Just avoid it all together lol
    Ability: keep your crew ability and morale high. Forced deck is determined by crew advantage.

    You can also retreat from deck battle as well when you are in it.
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    Deck Barrier is not 100% but I understand, it is still over powered and very pay2win either way. It would be fair if it wasn't so pay2win sure but it isn't. Pretty much everyone with the maxed sets just dump a lot of money in to obtain.

  • purplepiratepurplepirate Posts: 973Member Intermediate

    This term has always bothered me. I mean, first theres nothing to 'win' per-say. Even if you have top gear/ships, that doesn't guarantee a win only an advantage.

    Second, all cash shop items are attainable in game on merchant chat. When it comes to gear, you can buy the forge tools from other players. Transmuting you can do yourself. Sure you can get alchemy books to help but they are not necessary (but anyone can buy them). Just make a bunch of money doing nanban or dungeons and you can get what you need without spending any real world cash.

    The pay system only gets you to your goals faster but again doesn't guarantee a win. One thing to help your survivability is to get your lvls maxed. High lvl characters hit harder and have more stamina to survive land battles.
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    First of all, you can't accuse everyone of pay to win if they beat you. I dedicated countless hours to grinding land battle and getting max techs. While you were away on your break, I did lots of grinding. It's not JUST pay to win, in fact, I almost NEVER pay real life dollars for my crap because it's pointless; it's just a game. I pay 50$ once a year on my birthday to try to get the newest fashion item in the newest uwc tickets (NOT cap ticks or cove). That being said, I never paid real life money for my max gear and I find the system completely fair. If you don't want to be forced into deck, don't be a pirate/bh. If you want to be a pirate/bh, then get deck barrier man, it's not that hard. If someone tries hard enough to get past your deck barrier and they succeed, it's fine. It's like a 10% chance to get through deck barrier WITH assault deck skill. I find it odd that you complain about pay to win, when, that night, I saw you selling UWC items in merch chat (boosters and whatnot). I don't dislike you but you're going about this the wrong way bro. The system is fair and if you don't have deck barrier and step up, you will get forced, simple as that. Deck barrier saves the hassle of potentially breaking ship parts AND you can plunder cool stuff. I guess what i'm saying is, get more money to compete. 
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    Deck battle*
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    I love how you think I pointed my finger at you, you're a noob the point of this post is deck should be optional, period. I know about all the get around, and the points of it all that everyone is trying to make. 

    This is not bias'd get out of here.
  • fliblew666fliblew666 Posts: 45Member Beginner
    I maxed my techs and my land stats, I may not have capped alch all my gear yet but this isn't about me not being good at it? Which I am ^^ I just think it's pay2win. and should be optional.
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    :P you're so good man
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    Being able to force deck battle should be based solely on crews, size being the biggest factor as well as moral and all crew-based skills, but mainly the bigger the difference in crew size, the easier it is to force deck battle. Do I need to mention that was the main factor in  forcing deck battle for Uncharted Waters: New Horizons?
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    @Twitchalot Forced deck is based on crew already. I said that in my first post, you need high ability and morale, that's why traders can potentially force a pirate to deck and win against him instead of being overwhelmed in melee. Mind you many pirates will use PEA (pre-emptive attack) ship skill which requires high crew ability to be effective and you need to be decent at land battle. The exception to this is that there are many low lvl and VERY noob new players that just jump into piracy early for a thrill so they would be much easier to beat in land battle than a high lvl seasoned pirate who's properly geared.
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