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ZorcTheDarkOneZorcTheDarkOne Posts: 8Member Beginner
Okay so how bad is this P2W really? Is it unsurmountable if you can put time in the game,farming,etc.?
Also which server Helion or Trieste?
Have 103lvl character on Trieste.

Used to play when it was still "2moons". It's a great game mechanic wise but sadly when players move on most of these games have to resort to P2W to survive. Which really does gut the game for poor people more often than not.
In this case I'd rather pay a monthly sub like I did in FFXIV. You'd actually spend LESS money than many P2W free games.



  • ZorcTheDarkOneZorcTheDarkOne Posts: 8Member Beginner
    So bad that nobody dares to comment on it? 
  • lok687lok687 Posts: 32Approved Member Beginner
    Eh, no this forum is just  dead. I dont play this  game anymore  but as far as i know if you want to  win at this game gl spending 100s of euro's  or grind for 1000s of hours just to get up to speed. Maybe try the new hellion server but you'd probably have to spend to catch  up to people

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  • GMbonovoxxGMbonovoxx Posts: 63Papaya Play Beginner
    The forum isn't dead, but new posters need to be manually approved, and I've been so inundated with support tickets that I've not had the time to approve new posters for a few days. Whoops.

    Trieste is the "original" server with characters and items that go back years. Helion is our "fresh" server, with no transfers from Trieste allowed.

    The high-end players on Trieste have not only years of experience, but more money than I care to speculate on invested into their accounts, so competing on their level is not really feasible for casual players. But there's still plenty of content to be experienced in Dekaron free of charge. It's up to you, depending on what you expect and how hard you intend to play.
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    ][_, [()] ][_,   another funny GM :-)

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  • auspexa3auspexa3 Posts: 58Approved Member Beginner
    dead forums and dead game, don't bother. I had a 193 summy several years ago but it's been years since "login error" started happening and I still can't login. two of my friends who played with me get the same error, a lot of people can't even play the game.
  • paradisiac95paradisiac95 Posts: 0Member Beginner
    Forum indeed hasn't lost its purpose, perhaps players need some motivation to start actively posting and using it. As for your issue, have you tried creating a support ticket? They may be able to provide you more information regarding the issue.
  • GMbonovoxxGMbonovoxx Posts: 63Papaya Play Beginner
    Thanks for the support. Yes, we actively check support tickets, so they are a much better method of getting in touch with us when players are having issues. I know that the company hasn't exactly built up a reputation for being helpful or timely with support, but all I can say is that I'm here to help our players out as best as I can.

    The forums are basically a legacy of the last gaming generation, which has moved on to Discord or other media. I'm a bit older so I still like forums, but the aren't active enough for me to constantly check.
    The car's on fire and there's no driver at the wheel
    And the sewers are all muddied with a thousand lonely suicides
    And a dark wind blows
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