[BS-GLB Community Feedback] Operation Neo Chronos Part 3 Update

DSHDIABODSHDIABO Posts: 798BS ServerHead Intermediate
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Hello BlackShot Global soldiers,

Part 3 of Operation Neo Chronos is here! Check out the new firepower and mercenary backup to augment your arsenal.

As usual, we would appreciate if you could check all the info on the links above, play a lot  to test all the new features and later share your feedback and improvement suggestions on this topic.

Thanks in advance and enjoy the update!

Team BlackShot


  • habitne3mahabitne3ma Posts: 8Member Beginner

    Please stop pay2win 

    Bring back mastrey weapons in shop with same damage of gems weapons

    Make scope and silencer avaliable in shop for gold like before 

    Make nx-1 rifel (Which we are able to buy in gold when we reach grand master) Same damage like before beacuse it has noraml gold weapon damage which is not worth for a grand master 

    Please STOP PAY2WIN 

    STOP PAY2WIN.....
  • SATWIK007SATWIK007 Posts: 2Member Beginner
    Please stop pay2win in game 
  • habitne3mahabitne3ma Posts: 8Member Beginner
    I Am getting killed behind walls and not able to make head shots like normal ppl and i have Weapon switchbug its hard to play.... so please fix it THANKYOU
  • habitne3mahabitne3ma Posts: 8Member Beginner
    Goodluck deveopers your doing a great job by not sending us the rewards over months not solving switchbug for years makeing this game more and more pay2win saying it would be play2win in revolution and can solve simplebugs like my bullets get bugged it  turn out to be 0 bullets when i had 30 bullets GG #THE GREATEST DEVELOPERS who clearly know to do nothing
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