Increase fog/reach of view to balance out maps

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Out of blue We talked among friends that it would be so much better to play, if you wouldnt be able to see as far as you do at the moment in big maps.
And players who usually have disagreed with me on balance suggestions even agreed on that.
And we all agreed that the fog should be as intensive as it is currently if you turn world model under graphics to LOW.

This change would improve large maps in different ways.
1st off, sniping is nerfed, without changing any of the weapons. Players can run around more freely and the game is more open, therefore more fun.

2nd spawnkilling is nerfed, as you would have to be a lot closer to enemy and that way its easier to take down MD
 ( p east specifically ).

you cant lock on vehicle from one map edge to another ( zero point).

Keep in mind that just increasing the fog wouldnt do the trick, you would have to reduce visible distance aswell, because if you dont, you could still lock the enemy airplane without having any sight of it.


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    Link of images is "visual differences of fog"
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    I forgot to add the 3rd benefit... going from high to low world model gives you +20 fps or so...
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