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I have a number of ship tickets in "Receive Item" from Treasure Cove over the course of about 2.6 years that I would like to sell, along with some ship tickets in Shared Storage(s) and\or Strongbox(es), but not sure what the fair market values for these ships are, some of which have not appeared in Treasure Cove nor Captain Tickets in more than a year and may be rare now.  What's your offers (preferably ducats?

Refitted Dauphin Royal
Advanced Soleil Royal
Refitted Venetian Galleass [Yes, Venetian, for those of you going Venice]
Custom Santa Catalina
Advanced St. Lawrence
Advanced Surprise [Surprise, surprise. This ship is a Surprise.]
Festive Armoured Turtle Ship
Modified Victoria [even though I haven't seen that player pirate Victoria Secret lately]
2x Custom Hinds
Custom Ingermanland
Refitted Felipe
Modified Large Atakebune
Light La Mort
2x Custom La Royale
Festive Norske Love
2x Ambush Roman Galleys [with big eyeballs painted on the front of those ships iirc]
5x Shadow Hinds
Shadow San Felipe

Also WTS this Advanced Thermopylae ship mentioned below:
Grade 0 Generic Ship, Lv. 30/30/36 to sail
371v 507h 24turn 34wr 33armor 60crew 87cannonport 580cargo 890durability
6/6 with Optional hauling assistance, Optional emergency acceleration, and Original high lookout

Post which ones you're interested in and offers on each.

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