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Hi all.

I haven’t played this game now since 2017.
At the time I was very active but the game started to become too much ptw for me at the time and I became a bit frustrated that every time I built a pvp ship a much better one would instantly be available in the tickets.

Anyway enough about that.

Since this lockdown I’m running out of things to do so considering giving this a go again.

But I’ve literally forgotten how to play it, can’t remember what buttons do what and all the little tips and tricks all the long time players know I have forgotten.

So basically I need to re learn the game and somehow get my player out of the red since I was an otto pirate when I was last on (I think)

So my question is, how is the game?
Is it worth coming back?
Did papaya play get so focused on money that the game lost its charm?

Thanks for taking the time to help.

I was in a clan, group whatever it’s called, but I’ve probably been kicked by now.

Can’t even remember how to type to people in the game to ask help


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    Also can you still sign in to more than one account? I had a mule and another character I think.
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    Hi and I would say yes, give the game another chance. You will be very surprised as too how much more to do in this game than before. I will cheekily add I am from FreedomHunters out of Amsterdam and we have help a lot of returning and new players get back into the game. My personal opinion on the ptw, it's up yo you on how you want to play. I do occasionally send a small amount of money and there are those who will spend a ridiculous amount, that's everyones choice. There are quite a few other active Companies going and I would imagine many would welcome you into their Comps. Again promoting Our Company - FreedomHunters - feel free to contact any of us ingame - DanielSan / Kitaro or Av66, or just ask in WC (worldchat) and we will happily give you advice.

    All the best

    Kitaro - DeptDir / FreedomHunters
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    Thanks for the reply Kitaro
    I did come on for a an hour a few days ago, I managed to find my accounts again.

    I was surprised at the difference on the seas, I was previously a pirate and I did a few runs on my past hunting grounds and there was much at all out there.

    Tbh i I caught someone I wouldn’t know what to do and likely most people would be able to kill me now as my levels are much lower than everyone now and it seems skill caps maybe higher now.

    Also in sev there was hardly any bazaars set up and no one selling 100def boots.

    Seems like so much has changed.

    Maybe I could go white again and try some of the new missions, seems like a lot of mission content has been added but I’m not sure how to access it.

    I was previously in a pirate guild then moved to gazi’s, not sure if those are even about nowadays.

    Can’t believe it’s been 3 years since I stopped, gone so quick. I didn’t think the game would last this long with papaya play
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    Gazi's co still exists. :) I'm a member on my main toons. :)
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