Arcadia COINS

samm24samm24 Posts: 0Member Beginner
Can the exchange system be changed for arcadia coins? At the moment you need to do them slowly one by one for silver then all silver for gold one by one and so on for all kinds of arcadia coins which is annoying if you want something to stay 2-3 hours just to keep exchanging.

Would be really nice if it can be an exchange system like mitera's or rank up coins 1x 10x or All at once..

Does it make sense? 
I can take some screenshots if it still doesnt make sense.


  • GMbonovoxxGMbonovoxx Posts: 86Papaya Play Beginner
    Hopefully you checked last week's patch notes? A function to exchange Arcadia Coins for stacks of 10 or 100 of the older tokens was introduced.
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