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Blackshot is missing players! We are in a pandemic, many people at home, a lot of free time, playing blackshot, but they are not. The situation indicates something very wrong in the game.

The maintenance revolution was not accepted by much of the Blackshot community and is now much more evident.

Today the game is completely "Play To Win", it would be much easier to accept if the game was the same before.

The entire configuration and layout of the game should return as before.

Bring the characters Adam, Travis, Vanessa and Cathy as they were before.

Bring the patent system as it was before.

Bring or domain system as before.

Bring the entire layout of the game as it was before.

Bring all the game configuration as it was before.

Bringing all the settings and layout of the game, the main characters of the game as before. You can still maintain or reproduce the game format to earn money and continue to earn money to maintain the servers.

start listening to the players

I started playing blackshot in 2009 and stopped playing on 07/25/2018 due to the maintenance revolution
Lutando por um blackshot justo e limpo.
beginning: dezembro/2008
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