Best Monster Damage Tolerance

soulkeeper8soulkeeper8 Posts: 4Member Beginner
I was wondering if anyone could provide a list of the best items, accessories, etc. for monster tolerance. If you could also explain how to get them and/or upgrade them that would be fantastic!


  • evantorevantor Posts: 9Member Beginner
    Max monster dmg tolerance you can get is 75%.

    Deka line ring - upgrades with seeds of dream. You get first lvl of it from npc in ardeca.

    Golden helmet costume - get with gold helmet pieces or buy from other players.

    Dragonic Squama - get from dravice secret passageway.

    Crests for costumes with crest slots.

    A few different wings give it as well.

    Theres more but cant think off the top of my head. That’ll get you up there though.
  • soulkeeper8soulkeeper8 Posts: 4Member Beginner
    Thanks man I appreciate the feed back. I just recently learned about the semper idem. Any idea how to get the mats for it?
  • evantorevantor Posts: 9Member Beginner
    Solo dungeons like duex marble, and purchase pts for the jades
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