[BS-GLB NOTICE] Community Feedback: Operation Neo Chronos Part 6

DSHDIABODSHDIABO Posts: 821BS ServerHead Intermediate
Hello Mercs,

Operation Neo Chronos 6 is now live! Check out Travis Neo, unlock new Callsigns & Emblems, and do battle with more weapons in new battlefields. Full details here:

As usual, we would appreciate if you could check all the info on the links above, play a lot to test all the new features and later share your feedback and improvement suggestions on this topic. 

Thanks in advance and enjoy the update!

Team BlackShot


  • xen5267xen5267 Posts: 12Approved Member Beginner
    Some suggestions;

    - Add more callsigns that are achieveable through playing or finishing achievements.
    - Add gold reward to Gold Goldbox (so we have a chance of obtaining the emblems via gold ''easier'').

    If I have more I will update this.

  • nevermeneverme Posts: 2Approved Member Beginner
    Some suggestion:

    - Add ak forest and skull grenade for Halloween, add it in goldbox if you don't want to put them in shop.
    - Add ak dragon/tiger packtage because they are good packtage and this will be a nostalgia for the old players.
    -Add old ak animation.
    -Add free scop and silencer for gold or less gems because 5 $ for scope or silencer is very expensive.
    -Upgrade the awp candy for christmas.

    IGN: Y0uNeverMe
  • nevermeneverme Posts: 2Approved Member Beginner
    I forgot something very important the gun for level up is to low and useless i mean level 4 stars red give you 3 days of destiny ... it's a good pistol but it took long time to gain 500000 xp for a gun 3 days ... in old bs we get better rewards and gun, with a much longer duration than now.

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