New PvE Mode

hanna164hanna164 Posts: 45Member Beginner
since PvE channel gets an update every now and then which is cool, but players are finding it easy to play especially with all the coins, BOWs and overpowered items that they have, therefore i would like to suggest a new mode where it's similar to BattleRoyale by the weapon obtaining system, meaning you play with weapons you obtain during the game.
there are lots of ways to implement the weapon system here, you can do it by boxes according to waves, or to make it more interesting you can "reward" the player by random weapons (of the same class/power/tier ofcourse) according to the wave. yet another idea could be that players gain points by killing and doing little tasks like 50 headshots and can pickup a weapon from an arsenal that they have in the map (very similar to FortIsland Jets system), lots of thing and ideas could be done here and i believe that this gives the players a new challenge and can increase the playing in PvE channel.


  • killingtime00killingtime00 Posts: 3Member Beginner
    Some good ideas there yeah, honestly anything other than the normal survival mode maps would be welcome at this point, even just Defence mode maps and like I've said before on discord suggestions channel, any new map or mode should have new boss and/or zombies, all new map like Army Hospital needs is a new type of boss zombie and it would go from an ok map to an interesting map.
    (at least if the new boss is interesting and difficult like the ones in Time Attack Mode)

    Me and others have posted a bunch of suggestions for pve in the discords suggestions channel, if you havent already, please go check them out and let us know what do you think, you can search mine by the nickname MuhQ, got bunch of interesting suggestions there.
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