Cash Shop Update - September 16th, 2020

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Ahoy Captains,

A long awaited change to the cash shop will be coming after the maintenance of Sept 16th. This will include adjusting stock, removing some and adding other new items to the shop. Some of these exciting new selections will be themed packages tailored to a specific playstyle or class to give you a boost in the particular direction of your choosing. One of these collections will be sure to enhance and improve your gameplay experience regardless of how you choose sail, trade and explore! 
To make way for these new packages (and more) the adjustments to the cash shop are detailed below:

Removed  Items
These items will be removed from the cash shop to make way for the new theme packages and a variety of new booty so make sure you pick them up before the clock strikes for maintenance as this may be the last time you can pick them up at the cash shop. Some of these will remain but lose a specific quantity.

Advanced Steel Plating x1
Advanced Full Rigged Sail x1
Large Shipwreck Map Piece x1
Land Redevelopment Handbook x1
Skill Book Recording Guide x10
Adventure Skills Adv. Instruction x1
Trade Skills Adv. Instruction x1
Simple Battle Skills Adv. Instruction x1
Pardon x2
Temp. Port Permits (All 6 types) x1
Thunder King's Amulet x1
Thunder God's Talisman x1
Sea King's Amulet x1
Sea God's Talisman x1
Flame God's Talisman x1
Flame King's Amulet x1
Battle King's Amulet x1
Sea God's Gem x1
Thunder God's Gem x1
Large Ship Blueprint x1
World Languages Reader x10
All Ship Materials x1
All Ship Parts x1

Added Items
An increase quantity of the following items will be added to the cash shop:
Purchase Order (Category 1-4) x15 / x10

Price Changes
In addition some of the prices will be lowered for remaining items including:
Skill Book Recording Guide x1
Cannonsmith's Forging Tools x1
Weaponsmith's Forging Tools x1 & x10
Armoursmith's Forging Tools x1 & x10
Famous Hairdresser's Dyes x1
Special Hairdresser's Tools x1
Special Shipbuilding Improvements Reset x1
Special Large Investment Bond x1

Thank you for your cooperation and see you all after the maintenance!

-Team Uncharted Waters
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