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Hello all!

It seems that a lot of old players are returning, and there is going to be an influx of new people. Therefore id like to start a thread so that we can all kind of get to know each other. New publisher, new community, new possibilities!

Ill start:
- Old 2moons summoner (perfectwarriorx-->shaedow-->Amnesiac) that started in action 2. I'm coming back as a seggie to wipe my entire party when Im angry (but not because im terrible, no thats never the reason) x)
- Been gone for 2 ish years
- Engineering student who spends more time playing games than I should haha
- if you're talking to me, I'm probably stoned :D


  • SenseiPurpsSenseiPurps Posts: 31Approved Member Beginner
    all by myself, dont wanna beeeeee.....
  • RippersGloryRippersGlory Posts: 2Approved Member
    You know what, i think this post is a good idea to see just how many old faces we'll see again, so i'm going to contribute here.

    - Also an old 2moons player since Acclaim (drhonkey), i think i started around 2008? I play on and off quite a bit, taking long breaks.

    I've gotten the pleasure of meeting some great people as well as some pretty messed up people, but then again, it was all part of the gaming experience, i learned quite a bit, got advice from people when i felt there was no one else to turn to and no matter what new games came out, i always found myself coming back to this dump, a game where skill always triumphed over items, over taken by Pay to Win content. Who knows, maybe it's the nostalgia and memories or maybe it's just the people themselves that still play that i remember that keeps driving me back here.

    All in all, if you're coming back to this game, welcome back, hopefully Vertigo can restore the game to its former glory.

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    Hello all,

    At the beginning: NEW SERVER PLEASE!!

    I'm Patrick and... Im do not drinking vodka about 2 days.

    Also I'm old 2moons player, started from alpha testing and next from Act1. My first character have approx 9 years and still have it. I'm played to 2011 and make some break and comeback in 2015... when Nexon broke that brillant game. Now... just waiting for solve after Nexon "MoneyMaker" fails.

    What to say more - brillant game, beautyful content, awesome skills, good pvp, great players, but just... that arena dungeons are *****. Ehhhh Parca entry pvp/wars :'(
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    Hyy people
    Im Marcel and I started playing with Ultima Online, im an Roleplaying Gamer and played 2moons too

    Im 22 Years Old and I will play an Reaper or an CS , skilled on PVP and I play my Character all around myself. One week ago I started playing Core Dekaron and got a 180er Azure Knight Full +6 Equip and PVE Dual Sword Skilled. I am friendly, commincativ and I am on Psylosh!t. Im a true Gabber and like to do Sports like Skateboarding,
    I am not sure if I stay very long on Dekaron cause i have no condition to play same sh!t everyday, got no work so im available at every time. I look for nice Groupmembers for Leveling and PVP, give me a Add and we can do it hard, harder, best.
    Have a great Start
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    My name is Jess. I'm from the U.S & I've been playing this off and on in my spare time FOREVER. I started playing Dekaron (2mo0ns) at the beginning of 2008/Action 2 as a way to stay out of trouble & save money ("Free" MMORPG haha) in college. My main has always been a Segnale IGN LashingOut. Although, I have played the following briefly: summoner-Kelcharge, aloken-PineappleExpress, mage- L1ghtenings & hunters -C0r7an4/TasteOfInk. I spend most of my time in DK & helping guildies farm the almighty perpetuus. You will often see me running around with an AK named Choripan.  I like to PVP people who I know can kill me...I like the practice. I've been told I'm intimidating but never hesitate to ask me for help with Dg's, quests, Segnale advice, or to join your TeamSpeak (I get bored). I can be a bit of an ass but you'll always know where you stand with me! Best of luck to old players returning, new players, & the returning OGs of the game with Vertigo :D

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    started playing 2 moons during BMR (they just added bagi and DF) on abbadon have played pretty solidly until a year and a half ago when i started my own business and never had time or inkling to play but am now interested to see where this game goes in its elderly phase.

    IGN's in signature. Ive been around the block.
    Acclaim - hairyseg hairybob
    Gamehi - xForeverx Hebe
    Nexon - Grace Hebe Adara Saffron
    Papaya - Grace FaithsFavour Lover
    Has seen a lot of Shit
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    @LashingOut are you the seg that dated Mack in Divine Damage (or was it lTl?)?
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    Hello there my name is Angelina Sophia Krissy, im 19
    but most People call me Krissy, ive been playing dekaron since trieste times in my spare time
    many people still know me by the name Pikachu ive been there and there sometimes i felt like quitting but i didnt and that made me find much more friends. i hope we can all see each other in the new Papaya Server which is provided from Vertigo Games and have lots of fun.

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    Hey all Dekaron players :)

    This game is my very first MMO I ever played and was totally enthralled back three and a half years ago when my friend (some may know him by his IGN) Nixster introduce me to it. I've been friends with him many years before.  Anyways, the game captivated me indeed, I wasn't a X-Box or Playstation gamer and really never got into it either even when my nieces or nephews wanted me to try theirs.
    Back in early 2013 I finally got high speed internet service and I had been over at Nixsters house a few times while he was playing this cool looking game he called Dekaron.

    So after getting High speed service I called him up to ask him what the name was of that really cool looking game I was seeing him play. So after downing the game on my system and creating a new Azure Knight I went over to his house and logged in on his computer. He showed me the first few Ardeca quests and how to go about collecting things and gave my Knight 500,000 dil to start with.

    Couldn't wait to get back home to try the game on my machine. First thing I did was create a new character, I picked a Black Wizard to play and named him RUBYFIRE after my awesome black lab Ruby.  I was sooooo big time noob playing at first now that I look back at those first few days in Ardeca 
    I mean really noob that RUBYFIRE was getting killed by moths LMAO. I've come along way in playing more skillfully now, even though my equipment isn't all that big for lvl182 and I get killed often on miteria map by bigger players, I play for the fun and enjoyment and I like the challenge the game brings.

    I play with my 52" flat screen TV using my mouse to move and fire skills.  The exception is when I play my summy- WickedOne  lvl152, only then do I use the keyboard to fire the pet skill, no click option for that one.  My knight is still below lvl100, I jump of him every now and again to gain a lvl here and there.  My favorite to play is definitely the Wizard, although I have been getting into playing my summy lately.

    I had been taking a several month long break from the game when Nixster called me up with the news about the Nexon sale of Dekaron to Vertigo, I'm glad he did too because if my break had lasted any longer I might of lost the last three years of FUN hard gaming work and have to start from scratch.

    See you all in-game 

  • lecruzlecruz Posts: 10Approved Member Beginner

    from Finland

    been playing on and off for ages (lecruz)

    please dont be annoyed about the way i type

    it is just me being bored and waiting client to load

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    Hello, my name is LightFoot an old dekaron 'player'. 

    I'm a software developer and didn't played dekaron for years due to much time consuming projects :)

    Let's hope i can play more casual :p

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    I am who I am why do you care xD
  • arturaxmalarturaxmal Posts: 29Approved Member
    Hey Hey, I started playing Dekaron since I was 10 Im 18 now.
    My first char was AK then I created one summoner and I liked it very much, cause... I could summon things yey!
    Then I quitted Dekaron for a time to play metin and started in dekaron private servers again, now Im back to play aloken here :p
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    Hello All
    Started playing when it was called 2 moons. Love the look of this game. The music is nice too. Been playing mmo's for about 11 years now. Dekaron is by far one of the greatest mmo's out. so glad it was brought back. I will be under 2 or 3 in game names. Cloudsmoke, Lordrain, and Zangetsu, I am hoping to make some friends in and out of game but mostly in game. very hard in the higher lvls to go solo so i suggest teaming up with people and i hope i can get a team together in game. Looking forward to this fun experience and i hope we all make it to the lvl cap at least.
  • RexMundiRexMundi Posts: 3Approved Member
    Hello mates!

    Names Rob. Started circa 2008. Used to be a console player and loved dungeon crawlers. Decided to try out WOW, found this game 2 weeks later and never looked back. After a 2 year hiatus I returned in February, pleasantly surprised to see many familiar faces.  The game is not the way I remember it however.  I am a traditionalist I suppose.  When I was a nub it took time and the aid of guildies and friends to earn levels. Now all that is required is bank account and a few weeks, which is the best way to lose your player base.  There were more players when the game was fair.  Its that simple.  Other mmorpg's have demonstrated that non-P2W models can work so I hope Vertigo will persue this route but I have doubts as this game is a cash cow for whomever owns it.  I love this game and it pains to see it go from one bad relationship to another, but maybe this time will be different.
    Anyhow I will be starting law school in August so I wont have a lot of time to play for some time.  While I still can play though I will be working on getting the perpetuus, so please stop pking me at the Brigans :)  I hope Vertigo keeps its word and keeps Dekaron relevant. See you ingame soon!

    IGN - Ocellus
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    Ello ninjas,

    I've been on this roller coaster since the day 2 of OB (yeah I know, it doesn't sound as cool as day 1...), only out there to have fun. I haven't changed my main since I started, mostly because I like getting recognised by older players (also TBs are BOSS).
    Being lazy as f***, most of my game time involved watching people fight and just talking to whoever was around even if it involved talking to myself.
    Doc was one of the few reasons I ever got any gear, pushing me to keep up with him, and why? So i could beat the fk outta him OFC. Now he's a joke cuz he keeps selling his gear every time he quits (which is like twice a week) and loses half the gear value he had.

    Lookin' forward to seeing any familiar faces in my usual not-so-hidden hiding spot, which is Crespo now, i guess.
    Also, fights. Amuse me pesants!

    IGN: Tinofobija
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    @SenseiPurps                  God no. Mack hasn't played in years. Although, I was a guildie of Mack's back in lTl & Divine I believe you are thinking of a segnale named Jen (not Jess) whose IGN might have been Love? He also dated FoxtrotlikeMama & a slew of other women who dated a slew of other men in 2Mo0ns/Dekaron. As far as I know none of those people still play & as for me I've been stuck with just Choripan since the dinosaur ages ;)
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    Hey, i'm Nuck, started playing in the 2008 on Gametribe, mainly just playing for fun, not really caring for late game or w/e.

    Had many guilds with good friends, some are even married now and left the game, some are probably still around. Even though there are many new games out there which i like i just keep coming back to this one, it's like a curse, a curse i enjoy :D
    Call me Nuckrieg or Nuck for short, I'm a scrub that plays Dekaron for fun

    IGN: Grimani 190 VS / KawaiiFace 172 DK / LandKreuzer 160 Bagi

    Check out my Youtube Channel, i make Dekaron videos!

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  • fayt99fayt99 Posts: 20Approved Member
    Hey. fayt99 here.

    Two moons vet. Had me a summy with the name fayt99. Creative eh?

    Some of you might remember me... I had the +7 josmas.

    Good to be back. Glad it still plays the same. Hugh nostalgia so far.
  • MrDeyveeNMrDeyveeN Posts: 419Approved Member Intermediate

    MrDeyveeN here. French. Blackshot guy. Might try Dekaron soon...
    Stopped playing because of Blackshot Revolution.
  • patrialegionpatrialegion Posts: 210Approved Member Trainee
     My name is Goran i'm 28 I pretty much started playing since the very first day always been a seg now lately AK I love to help random people so if you need help go ahead ^_^
    Most of things i do ingame is farm and collect evidence to ban bad people this is why most of ingame people hate me and calling me " retard" but it pays off when I see their names on the "list of fame". So faar more than 10 people who was breaking the TOs are locked up so you can easily call me "Banhammer".
    I do this for a personal reason friend not friend i have my eyes on you! :p
    Lately doing sacred claw but often swap to karon, master dungeon and sneaky Thorontur and Arthurz kills xD

    Oh btw ; I won't bother with a time limited ban so feel free to "curse".
  • MrDeyveeNMrDeyveeN Posts: 419Approved Member Intermediate
    I know how you feel @patrialegion .. ;)
    Stopped playing because of Blackshot Revolution.
  • patrialegionpatrialegion Posts: 210Approved Member Trainee
    @MrDeyveeN If you ever download and try dekaron search for" Chivalric" i'll be glad to help out^_^
  • DrunkenkickDrunkenkick Posts: 148Approved Member Trainee
    @patrialegion   And this is why ily <3 always down for somethin ig :D

    Eyy guys, everybodies favourite stoner here - AvatarKorra (or Michael if you like)

    I'm usually pretty much up for any dng asides from Crespo A runs (outside of my daily) and IBa/2(if its battlefield)
    Been playing since 2008. Ive play each class (aside from hunter/BW) since then, PotatoPeeler (my everyfirst character) and took breaks throughout the years and finally came back properly in act14/15 with a summy called TheMaster/TheDoctor, StonerSeg, DrunkenWand, Annunaki, and finally AvatarKorra (im also avataraang, kyoshi and roku - yeah ik ik)
    So Ive been around a while, seen many players become heroes and ultimately villians ;)
    Feel free to drop me a msg ingame im always ready to for some deka & chill ;D

    @LightFoot  LightFoot the mage? :O

    @papipika   Why do I feel like I should know you?

    S/N: @SensiePurps Is there really any other way to play?
    Air above me, earth below me, water around me, fire within me.  #F*ckDesolation
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    Hello, my name is Caden and recently my wife caught me cross dressing & said that we're finished.

    I play dekaron all the time.. and umm.. I am 200% vegan. Stop slaughtering animals and whatnot.


    I am the one and only, from Rising to Evolution.



    N૦૦ც ✯

    ιllιlı.ıl น lııl ຖ lııl lııl ¢ lııl  lııl r lııl ຖ lıιllιlı

    lııl  ιllιlı.ıl ◔͜͡◔ lııl ຖ lııl  lııl  lııl  lııl ◑͜͡◐ lııl ✘ lıιllιlı

  • wiikiewiikie1wiikiewiikie1 Posts: 7Member Beginner
    Hey, just started playing ir again
    Old player since a2
    One of the highst bagy in the game
    Was from one of the most hateful guild in the game...atm that guild ia off
    Platini nos with a 165 summy

    current name: TheFlanders
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