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Little guide how to make Dragonic Perpetuus.

To make Dragonic Perpetuus you need:
Dragonic Squama (need to be made)
Dragonic Lachrymae (need to be made)
Dragonic Ungula (need to be made)
Dragonic Kornu (need to be made)
- 100x Dragon Tonque (can be obtained in 175 DG as drops from bosses)

To make Dragonic Squama you need:
Mysterious Pendant (need to be made)
- Dragon Scale (can be obtained in 160 solo DG as drop from Rubisin)
- 5x Maneuver Magic Crystal (can be obtained in 160 solo DG as drop from Maneuver (Sorcerer))

To make Mysterious Pendant you need:
- Shattered Mysterious Pendant (will be obtained after finishing the General Quest inside of 160 solo dg; you can get the quest in the middle of Crack of Valley)
- 30x Slime Mucus (can be obtained in 160 solo DG as drop from Slime's)

To make Dragonic Lachrymae you need (also can be bought sealed from players):
- Tear of Dragon (can be obtained as drop in 160 party DG from Rubisin or bought sealed from players)
- 10x Magic Crystal (can be obtained as drop in Elonohm event or inside of 160 party DG; can also be exchange at Elohnom dg entrance with 5 Dragonic Signets)
- 30x Red Diamond (can be obtained as drop from Brigans at the top left in Land of Illusion)

To make Dragonic Ungula you need:
- Dragon Claw (can be be obtained in 175 DG as drop from Binaelle Fairie)
- 20x Sap Crystalline (can be obtained in 175 DG as drop from Lab Chief Verdia)

To make Dragonic Kornu you need:
- Dragon Horn (can be be obtained in 175 DG as drop from the Inner Ugliness)
- 20x Corrupt Essence (can be obtained in 175 DG as drop from Conjuror Edward)

2nd Note: Adjustments of 160 solo, 160 pt and 175 dg have been made (also on 23th june 2015 on the korean server):
a) 160 solo:
- Monster level decreased
- Monster attack slightly decreased
- resistance* of Black Hands monsters on Maneuver boss has been decreased (*now receive more dmg)
- drop rate for Slime Mucus and Dragon Scale has been increased

b) 160 pt:
- Monster level decreased
- Monster attack/resistance slightly decreased
- the number of ppl needed to block the 4th room boss from healing has been decrease from 4 to 2
- drop rate for Dragon Tear has been increased
- all monster are now able to drop Magic Crystals and Red Diamonds

c) 175:
- Monster level decreased
- Monster attack/resistance slightly decreased
- Boss monster skills adjustments
- drop rate of Dragon Claw increased
- drop rate of Dragon Horn now will be increased slightly if Lab Chief Verdia and Conjuror Edward have been killed (each of them increases the chance)

Changes of perpetuus incredients and the dungeon can be found here: http://www.dekaron.co.kr/App/news/news_PatchUpdate/news_PatchUpdate_list.aspx?page=1&searchCode=&searchString=&notice_no=15062200000000000003&ntc_sort=30&rn=474

Hope this could help you guys

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    The stats of the items mentioned above are:

    Dragonic Perpetuus (not stackable)
    +20% Atk (Melee, Range & Magic)
    +150 Heal
    +150 Dex, Str or Spr (depends on your choice)
    +15% Damage Decrease Rate
    +13% Critical Resistance
    +300 Vitality

    Dragonic Squama (not stackable)
    +12% Pk/PvP Resistance
    +12% Monster Resistance
    +10% Critical Resistance
    +200 Guard
    +200 Block

    Dragonic Lachrymae (not stackable)
    +10% Atk (Melee, Range & Magic)
    +300 Critical
    +300 Hit Rate
    +200 Vitality

    Dragonic Ungula (not stackable)
    +5000 HP/MP Recovery rate
    +5000 max HP
    +3000 max MP
    +10% All Attribute Resistance

    Dragonic Kornu (not stackable)
    +100 All Stats

    Mysterious Pendant
    +5% Damage Decrease Rate
    +5% Pk/PvP Resistance
    +120 Guard

    Dragon Scale
    +5% Monster Resistance
    +2% Damage Decrease Rate
    +120 Block

    Shattered Mysterious Pendant
    +1% Pk/PvP Resistance

    Tear of Dragon
    +150 Atk (Melee, Range & Magic)
    +50 Hit Rate
    +50 Critical
    +50 Vitality

    Dragon Claw
    +2000 HP/MP Recovery Rate
    +2000 max HP
    +1000 max MP

    Dragon Horn
    +60 All Stats
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    For visual types....
    Lachrymae forging:
    Squama forging:
    Ungula & Kornu forging:
    Perpetuus forging:

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    @ForumPoker @MateaB1 Thank you so much for this guys, very helpful, we need more guides like these. xD
    ~ Xenora
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    The picture of Dragonic Squama is very old - they have changed it to Binded(No Trade) Not Stackable.

    The drops of the sweat build up the Master!
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    True, I was much younger back then (and naive!)

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    Being kind of new to this game, it's nice to see some info out there that gives a little direction with items, etc. Thanks for these type of posts.

    As far as the Dragonic Perpetuus...I opened a platinum box a few days ago and got a perm one. I didn't know how lucky I was with that box, until finding this post and seeing what is involved in getting one the hard way! Being an AK I made mine strength when the box offered the choice.

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    Wow this saved me alot of time!
    I was talking with a few people and decided to make a guide for this exactly, doubt I could have put so concisely as you @ForumPoker or the equally awesome visual guide @MateaB1.
    This thread needs to be bumped. SO bump it!
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    Drop hate for sap, essense and horn are to low. we need some event for all players farm it
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    Bumping since this guide is helpful. Please bump any guides that might help new players. Thanks.
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    Well thanks, but Gismo changed both my guides to announcements. No need to bump. :p
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    So how many tongues needed at action 19 please for perp still 100 or less ? 
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