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Hello Soldiers,

Since October 2015, we’ve actively recruited users’ ideas of the new achievements, added several so far and we would like to see this number increase even more!

Please share with us here your suggestions for new achievements and we promise that they will be taken under consideration for future updates.

Thanks in advance, Team Blackshot


  • Trigger21Trigger21 Posts: 42Approved Member Beginner

    it would be also great to see some kind of list which suggestions have been implemented already - something like a "Hall of Fame" (?).

  • iLik4DiLik4D Posts: 37Approved Member Beginner
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    Lets bring in Some Ideas :)

    - Get an Ace on the Clanwar Server Once, twice and so on (5 Guys)
    - Get an Ace in Public Rooms Once.... ( 6+ Guys)
    - Win a "clutch" Situtation ( 1 vs X ).
    - Survive an whole CW without dying 
    - Kill X Guys in a short Period of time
    - Get One Kill with your Primary, Secondary and Knife in one Round
    - Play X Matches without any Special Character ? :D
    - Nade at least X Guys in a Single Round
    - Win the Round with X Hp left

  • baran65baran65 Posts: 68Approved Member Beginner
    Get 5 critical headshots in onr match.  
    Reward - 5k bp and tp1 1 day

    Collect the heist bag and get a kill within 5 seconds. 
    Reward - heist bag 3 days and 20k bp

    Get 100kills in snow
    Reward ak snow 1 day

    Get 100kills in lost temple
    K2 jungle 3 days

    Get a TB in CW, all headshots
    Reward - 50k bp and clan mark or clan slots
  • MrDeyveeNMrDeyveeN Posts: 419Approved Member Intermediate

    -Erase hackers from the game.
    -Fix all the bugs (such as melee bug).
    -Make the elevators work on some maps (such as Office).
    -Being able to sell our worthless BP stuffs.
    -Bring back the "gift system".
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  • black3light3black3light3 Posts: 43Approved Member Beginner
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    • For Bunker Defense
    - Clear BD E/N/H
    - Clear BD without dying
    - Revive X players in BD E/N/H

    • For Unlimited Battle Arena
    - Reach X Kills Spree In UBA
    - Reach X Deaths Spree In UBA
    - Reach X Points In UBA

    • For ClanWars
    - Reach X MVPs In Cw
    - Reach X Melee Kills In Cw
    - Plant X Bombs In Cw
    - Defuse X Bombs in Cw
    - Take X Flags In Cw
    - Defend X Flags In Cw
    (And so on )

    • For BSC
    - Purchase X BSC
    - Spend X BSC

    • For BP
    - Reach X BP
    - Spend X BP

    • For Mastery ?
    - Reach Grand Master In X
    - Reach Master In X
    Best Regards,
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  • MrDeyveeNMrDeyveeN Posts: 419Approved Member Intermediate
    I like BlackLight's suggestions about the Bunker Defense mode. Really nice.
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  • DIABO_GameMastersDIABO_GameMasters Posts: 1,325BS ServerHead Professional
    Thanks for your suggestions guys. Have a nice weekend and have fun in game.
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  • MrDeyveeNMrDeyveeN Posts: 419Approved Member Intermediate
    Fix all the bugs and patch all hacks/macros should be the priority.
    In my honest opinion, new maps/weapons for instance are useless if there are still this many hackers and/or macro users.
    Stopped playing because of Blackshot Revolution.
  • IndestructibleIndestructible Posts: 3Approved Member Beginner
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    They asked for achievement suggestions, I'm pretty sure they are already tired of hackers.

    As for my idea 

    Indestructible- Win a round without losing health while killing atleast one enemy
    Spoils of War- Earn X BP
    Blood Money- Earn X BP
    Defuse This!- Kill the defuser with a grenade
    Death From Above- Kill an enemy while you are airborne
    Aerial Attack- Kill an airborne enemy
    Going to Hell- Blind a teammate with a flashbang
    Spray and Pray- Kill an enemy while blinded from a flashbang
    Silent- Win a round without making any footstep noise, killing at least one enemy
    Close Call- Successfully defuse a bomb with less than one second remaining
    Quartermaster- Give a weapon to your teammate
    First Blood!- Be the first player to kill in a match
    Saved!- Kill an enemy who is shooting your teammate
    Cold War- Win a round without anyone on your team dying
    Lost & Found- Kill an enemy with a weapon they dropped in TDM
    Enemy lands- Kill an enemy just as their respawn protection ends
    Vengeful Angel- Kill an enemy who has killed a player on your friends list in the same round
    Lucky Shot- Kill an enemy with an un-zoomed sniper rifle
    Last Man Standing- Be the last player alive in a round with five players on your team
    Reaper-  Kill an enemy who has been reduced to less than 10% health by other players
    Lucky Bullet- Kill an enemy with the last bullet in your magazine (Excluding Sniper Rifles)
    No Honor- Kill an enemy while they are reloading

    Best Regards,
  • luno10luno10 Posts: 0Member Beginner
    Put our weapon mastery and old scope all miis them
  • walisonmeloowalisonmeloo Posts: 7Member Beginner
    Bom dia Primeiramente então venho da minhas opiniões sobre o game primeiro de tudo e sobre esse novo Revoltuion vocês tiraram as patentes tipo nois players gostamos mais igual antigamente você começar do zero e o principal objetivo chegar até 5 estrelas isso era ótimo nois gastava na queles pacotes de xp pra poder alcançar esse objetivo e vocês tiraram isso de nois e outra coisa que diferenciava esse game de outros jogos de tiro o mastery de armas isso era muito divertido você tentava chegar ao mastery isso que divertia nois players  tem que ter um objetivo no jogo e agora não tem mais isso então deixo minha opinião sei que não só eu de player mais o resto da comunidade preferem que seja igual antigamente por favor escultem nois jogadores que vocês ainda podem chegar mais longe com o game nois ainda tem essa confiança que possa ser igual ao Black shot antigo .. espero que escultem nois ..
  • alicia236alicia236 Posts: 36Member Beginner
    Vocês podem sugestões de nós jogadores, mas não levam em consideração. 

    Pedimos o retorno do mastery como era antes, não tivemos! 
    Pedimos o retorno das patentes como era antes, não tivemos! 
    Pedimos o retorno das armas como eram antes, não tivemos! 
    Pedimos o retorno dos personagens antigos, não tivemos! 

    Querem mais competitividade no blackshot? Que lucrar mais dinheiro? 
    Sigam essa recomendação:

    Volte o blackshot como era em 2012. 

    Coloque batalhas de clã em cada servidor, monte um rank, coloque regras exemplo: 1 snipe por line e todos com ak. 

    Tragam os personagens antigos de volta, e comecem a da recompensa para os 3 primeiros do rank. 

    Dessa forma, você terá um jogo altamente competitivo, vai fazer com que todos os jogadores volte a jogar e eles mesmo divulguem o blackshot para seus amigos. 

    disponibiliza um teamspeak para todos eles usarem... uma comunicação unica e dessa forma o jogo ficará ainda mais competitivo. 

    Lutando por um blackshot justo e limpo.
    beginning: dezembro/2008
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