why i cant log ?

libelulelibelule Posts: 18Approved Member Beginner
after load the game , and after give my id and ps
the game told me "cannot log to the server" 
idk why 
can someone help me ? 


  • zlocestiizlocestii Posts: 29Approved Member
    game is down, be pattient, soon will be online! have fun!
  • carleducarledu Posts: 1Approved Member Beginner
  • chzx31chzx31 Posts: 8Approved Member
    And when is the game up?
  • CynnisterCynnister Posts: 110Approved Member Trainee
    And this is why we need FORUM MODERATORS to clean this kind of junk up. 

    This section is supposed to be for CLASS DISCUSSION if your having tech issues you should be posting in ====>THIS <==== section.
  • M1RACLEM1RACLE Posts: 8Approved Member
    Wrong section. XD
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