Server Status ?

bagalotebagalote Posts: 40Approved Member Beginner
JUst Wondering if it is up or just busy?  I can login my account do the 2nd password screen.. then get to my character screens.. but when i pick a server Divine / Kali it just loads the Username/ Password Screen again...


  • Olbie2Olbie2 Posts: 278Approved Member Intermediate
    read notes on laucher before you post stupid question lol
  • bagalotebagalote Posts: 40Approved Member Beginner
    Was posted way befor any Launcher notes where there... and there is no such thing as a stupid question only a Stupid Troll would post something like you did..
  • carna14carna14 Posts: 71Approved Member
    This section is for class discussions not asking for whether the server is online. Try posting questions that pertain to the state of the server in Technical Support.
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