Skill tree My mage By xLadyGaga ^^

EmilsonEmilson Posts: 17Approved Member Beginner


  • alokenmasteralokenmaster Posts: 58Approved Member Beginner
    Thats the crapiest shit that i ever saw in my life,u see like completely fail to make videos,and got the most broken english that i ever saw,just my opinion dont waste ur time with this again,completely waste of time.
  • SayoriSayori Posts: 41Approved Member Beginner
    @alokenmaster Why do you have to be such a dick? I can see plenty of errors in that pro English of yours. I think it's a useful piece of insight for lower level mages to see what gear to go for and what skills to upgrade, so thanks, Gaga
  • TankYouTankYou Posts: 14Member Beginner
    I've never played mage before, so I found this helpful for building my new one. Thanks for taking the time to share your insight.
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