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Hello I am an old Player who seen what was happening to Dekaron (2Moons) since it came out. My best experience of Dekaron playing was when Aloken came out it was Action 9 if I remember it right, at this time everything was fine but I think some months later the big Disaster happened when the "Hacker Wave " came to Dekaron most of us lost our accounts and everything we worked so hard on was lost......

Now Dekaron isnt the same fun Game it was back in the days BUT YOU CAN MAKE IT GREAT AGAIN:

I have some tipps for you what u can add back to the game or what u can remove to make all of us happy!

Here we go:

1.Make lvling process much slower as it is right now. What I mean exactly? Well, right now u can jump to lvl 150 like in 2 Days. So whats is wrong with that? Well, a lot is wrong with that. First of all u cant enjoy anything in the Game u just rocket jump through everything.

- U cant enjoy the new armor and wepon sets u just put on and already have to change them for better ones after some minutes later.

- U miss many cool Dead Fronts , u cant enjoy low level Dead Fronts or low Level dungeons if there were any but its another point I will talk about later.

- U dont have enough time to enjoy skills after U unlock them. I mean its more fun when u unlock everything slowly and enjoy each skill and test it in many different ways and in combination with what u got right now and after U lvl up u get new skill and then everything changes and U got new skill routine and can try everything again from the beginning and test but if u jump from lvl 1 -150 in 2 days u use just few time ssome skills and then only use high lvl skils or the best ones u got and forget about other skills because they useless so what the point of half of skill tree if u skip them so quick.

( I hope U understood the key point) ( I mean u can enjoy different Stages of Pvp in this way also, lvl 1-10 pvp , 20-30 , 30-40 , 40-50 ... but if u rocket jump to high lvls u miss all of this experience. U cant see how u char improve and U also.

2. Bring back old dungeons after u make lvling slower people will need a way to lvl up quicker so back in the days great dungeons were lvl 32 one Nunvice Shrine in my opinion the best dungeon well I spent weeks from lvl 32-50 there it way best way to lvl up to almost lvl 50.

Treasure of Crespo lvl 60+

Treasure of Crespo B lvl 70+

Treasure of Crespo A lvl 80+ -  lvl 90+

Magic Field of Crevice (Python Castle Map)

Rank C: level 85 and above
Rank B: level 90 and above
Rank A: level 90 and above
Magic Field of Crevice Abyss: level 115 and above

This Three Dungeons I mentioned above are what we are missing right now.

If u bringt them back and lvling will be slower then there will be many people searching for pt to get some lvl it up's . What does it mean? Well people will make partys again and there will be many players at each dungeon like back in the days because it was best way to lvl up and much better than just killing some monsters and doing useless quests.

Right now there are legendary sets ingame l1 , l2 , l3 but nobody use them because as I said above people lvl up too fast and skip this sets so what the points of having them ingame right now? I really loved this sets back in the days they were rare and who was wearing this sets  was "cool" :D

Things that should be removed:

Make monsters weaker, right now they are way too strong even with +7 sets .... and second thing remove +7 item drop from monsters it make everything way too unfair u can keep the +4 - +5 item dropps they fine but higher just ruin the market and fun . What is the point of upgrading items if U already get everything from monsters.

I saw u removed the lvl up Box from inventory and gave us papaya gift box , well the old method was cool idea and its a big motivation to lvl up and see what is inside this box. Some exp talismans or potions inside of it helped us to lvl up and survive hard moments.

There is  Alot more i can say but for now its enough ! IMPORTANT everything I said U can try to implement on the NEW SERVER so people wont cry about what they reached so far. Many have already invested much money and time in they characters on current Server so leave them there but many of us Want NEW SERVER with things I said above what we had for many Years in the old Dekaron (2Moons).

Everyone who agree please leave a comment and some extra words and like the POST so GMs and programmers and The Company Employees see that we all want that and try to make it REAL.

Thanks and If I remember anything else I will add it to this POST or others here who play this Game for many years can also add some tipps, ideas...

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    Also the lower castor and first floor of norak would be nice, The expedition map in requies beach, maybe even the dungion that way lower then nunvice (lvl0-lvl12 I think it was), and the maps that have been removed from the game would be nice to because they added more variety to places to go. Last thing I can think of is finishing the things that other campanies put as "planned update" like guild skills and bringing back expedition map in requies beach. But all that isn't as important as getting the game running for all of us that can't play because we have 32bit operating systems or people that can't play because of bugs. Fix the issues first THEN improve the game.....if they don't want to fix the game they will just drive people to make/use private servers of the game(many of which have some of the stuff they don't anyways).
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    As much as I LOVED the old days of 2moons; this just isn't do-able, and for many reasons.., Too much that I can't go into all of them. It just wouldn't work. I think it would pretty much be like building a new game lol. I will agree with the fact that leveling is too easy.. This is due to runes mostly, I think if we did away with runes we would see much more activity in Dead front and Ice castle. Also maybe Exp given for Main quests should be lowered as well. However this also poses a problem because if it were harder to level, we would have all of these 190+ people running over people it takes 3x longer to level up. In the state the game is in, it's pretty much just a race to end-game, you don't get to enjoy the process of leveling, or the feeling of accomplishment like back in the day. BUT, the only way it could work is if Papaya opened a new "Old school" server, which would be a dream come true.. but the playerbase is not big enough to keep both servers alive. I could see the main server dying out if that were to happen due to nostalgia lol.
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    Also Bringing back No PK Channel would be great . U mean battle runes ? Battle runes were inside this lvl up boxes from Nexon only right? Or can u still get them somewhere else?

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    You can still get them from Daily attendance at Karin, and Colo 2v2 daily event I hear
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    One of the goals we want to set is to look at the "beginning" side of the game to make adjustments to keep players that try out dekaron for the first time. I'll keep an eye on the comments here.
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    I agree with DekaronVeteran. I think that the fast leveling kinda made the game only enjoyable for high level characters and u need to keep everyone at all lol interested in the game to insure its success overtime. Another thing I would add tho is the IB and IB2 dgs. I believe that they where the main cause of the quick leveling and the decrease in the number of players. If u think about it, before IB came out, people would go to all dungeons and frequently go to dead front etc. however, when IB came everyone just spammed that dungeon because it was where u would get more exp even at 170+ level. With that, no one would make any other dungeon ingame, and I remember, just a few days after they released IB, going back to Python for the magic field of crevice and finding it empty,

    Anyway this is my opinion and if u decide to create a new server would be a nice change and a good way to get new players
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    Hello and I am glad that One Gm saw this Post and will keep an eye on it. I really just want the best for the Game.

    When I first started to play Dekaron I  immediately fallen in love with the Game . It wasnt my first mmorpg Game and I tryed many before it but Dekaron was something special and over years I didnt lost interest in it but many other mmorpg I player could not keep me attracted  for a long time. At some point the Game reached it perfection but then One Greedy Company took it over and ruined the Game completely we know who I am talking about Hacker Wave came a few months later and we all lost everything we had at that time I almost reached the maximum level in the game and had best gear possible. I invested a lot money in that Game because I loved it and wanted that it survive for many more years. Right now the Game still exist but it lost its colorful sides its almost grey now. There arent many players and it has many reasons. Reason 1 is probably because Game isnt promoted good enough, so not many know about it and Reason 2 is because most of us if not all lost their Accounts and had to start over again but what they reached now isnt as meaningful as it was a few years back. When U need years to achieve something it has Great Meaning it feels just good U know u did something Great, u invested time and your time does mean something. But if  u achieve for example max lvl and best gear in just 1 month it doesnt mean much to you there were not many feelings , work , time invested it has no story. All my chars had their own story I knew how much I did to achieve what i did achieve and that made my Game experience so great. 

    What I want now is probably what many of same people as me want we want to have same great game experience as we once had with this Game we still love the Game but not what IT IS NOW. We want to help YOU to make it Great again so all New Players can at least still experience what we had experienced when we played this Game.

    So far I tryed many hundreds of Games i was searching for something similar to Dekaron but I havent found it. Yeh there were many Games I played for months and had fun but then it was  over nothing had reached the Level of Dekaron.

    If everyone of us stop trolling and hating and get serious and give this new company real advises and time to make this Game great again at the end all will be happy :)

    Please write here u experience and what U liked about this Game what was "the thing that attracted u to it" let them Know what they need to focus on to improve the Game.

    I played this Game for many years with my brother and not only I had this great experience he and our friends all were amazed by this game and we did hear not long time ago that some company want to take this Game over and we were happy we said to each other hey maybe we can come back to this Game and enjoy it like we once did.

    Lets make small steps and reach are Goal slowly. i am sure if we all do everything right this Game will be as great and it once was.

    Right now I started to play on new acc just did one yesterday So I can play and see how this Game develops and if I find any bugs I report them.

    I talked a lot for now its enough I have to go to Work :)


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    @DekaronVeteran Well said man, I completely agree xD
    ~ Xenora
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    I also agree with @DekaronVeteran .
    Dekaron is now has only "old" players , which were so determined(and do not want to lose that what they achive during play ) that they remain and play Dekaron . But I think it was not so profitable cause NEXON sold this game . So the best solution is to get new players here .

    I agree that the old system ( Action 9 ) was the best and it would be grat idea to create a new server with the old rules .
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    This guy  @DekaronVeteran  is extremely correct.

    I think youre right in lowering the rewards from main quests. The removal of ib/ib2 was something I called for a long, long time ago because it did literally kill every other instance in game, the only time youll find a pt for any other dng is if either you made friends in game/brought friends from rl to do them. Or if youre lucky enough to find some1 who isn't completely solo minded to grind with.
    I dont believe mobs shouls be made easier tho, if its easier why would you then group up to grind?
    I also think the downfall of the game started when everything just became easier to get. There are only 4 items in game atm that are relatively hard to get, Perpetuus, Squama, Lachy and Master Dragon Necklaces. But gaining a party for these is potluck.
    There should be ways to gain chash items (e.g costumes that are on offer in dshop) in game. But by no means easy to gain (e.g wutong is in the dshop atm, there should be a chain quest for you finish, such as kill 100 of this, 100 of that in various maps - perhaps lvl according - finish certain dngs ((maybe all your lvl allows you to do)), as in multiple dngs, then gain a wutong piece and you need 1000 to make the costume)
    Restore CQ awarding dills, such as the laker CQ in requies beach or the Clay hunting CQ in crespo.

    So not to end up writing a Bible/Torah/Qur'an/Dhammapada (pick to suit your prefence) revert back to the golden times, but keep the newer updates i.e meister skills, mitera map, karons firepot instance and revert the exp back to a6-a7 times. Lowering the level requirement back to 105 for shadow shield (which simply doesnt get done anymore) and lowering the lvl for crevice a/b/c down to 70-80, 80-90, 90-105. And not to mention, add ways to gain the various ultimate weapons in game, 150/175 ulti, TF and Gold dragon so that new players can hope to stand a chance against older players who gained these during events.
    Ahh screw it, Bible time it is, keep open event items such as Halloween ring/season2 Anno Novus ring ( the ones that give mob tolerence) all year round. A new player with moderate gear (+7-9 set) doesn't stand a hope in hell to finish Firepot dng even with a few segs, and aks to use bounce defence, due to the sheer dmg taken in this dng (as it stands im full +9, and can amass 81% mob tolerence +11% DDR, and I still eat 10k dmg from the boss, 4-5k average hits and only with a decent playing seg will i finish this, without having to use ref cards to hit over 100% mob tolerence)
    Theres still alot more I wish to add but I think ill give you guys eyes a rest (if u made this is far)

    -edit- Perhaps make a seperate channel just for high lvl players and in this area they can pk freely etc etc while if, lets say the lvl req, is 186, said 186+players wont be able to pk on the other channels but can assist in doing dngs, map grinding etc
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    @Drunkenkick what I mean by making mobs less powerful is : for example Bagi a character with most defence or AK with shield they get same amount of dmg from Monsters right now as any other class so what the point of having more armor if it doesnt matter at the end? 

    So after another Day of playing I saw some things that should be changed at some point also:

    -Skills need new and better Description , many skills have no Description for example. If i learn new skill I want to know what it does exactly , how many atacks it does and what effects it has.

    -I saw if u leave Parca Temple and want to go to Frozen Valley of Vengeance the Portal of Frozen Valley has wrong name also has to be changed. New Player will be confused when trying to find it.

    - I think the cost of making sockets is way too high and success rate way too low to be worth doing it. Even if u add 5 bad crystals to increase the success Rate wont be enough and u will need a lot of them + luck to make item with 4 sockets.

    - I dont know if any of u guys noticed it but monster who are archers cant slow u with frozen arrow anymore: for example at Frozen valley they normally slow u when u get hit and at Heihaff also they doesnt slow u anymore.

    Who else miss braiken castle and loa castle ? :(

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    Instead of just making new server make new server classic style where D shop won't help you get so much ahead of other players, no super costumes, wings etc. just make everything obtainable in game through good old hard grind and also after fixing bugs, correcting errors make it available on steam so that the player base would get even slightly larger.
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    Can U fix the problem that not all get this papaya comeback tickets.

    I mean I logged into char which I didnt used for like a few years and he dont have any comeback tickets in the mailbox. Its so unfair new chars get everything exp talismans holy water gear battle runes and more many players still got this nexon lvl up box and the act 19 piecec which they exchange for +7 sets

    what about old char ? Maybe u give them some love too ?

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    Another weird thing: I found some Argates and maverics on my old acc and wanted to stack them but it didnt work. My question is why it doesnt work? Seems the only Reason is because developers made a mistake with coding and said only new Argates and Maverics that U find can be stacked to 5/5 rest no.

    Also implementing a Way to sell items offline would be Great. many Game handled it like that: There is midleman/broker he want 10% fee for each item u put in and then he keep your item at auction house for 7 days. If item is sold he keep your money until u claim them.

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     I agree totally with the leveling slower. I have been around since Acclaim was running this when it was called 2Moons lol. Back then, I want to say 2006, 2007, you had to grind like a champ to level up. You felt like you earned something. Now, it's like oh, new character, load in with a buddy and poof!, lvl, 50, lvl, 60, lvl 102, blah blah blah lol. 
    Back then if you saw a person with their wings you were like WOAH! this dude is off the hook hahaha. (at least that was how my brother and I looked at it)
     You are right, if a new player were to enter this game they would level so fast they wouldn't a chance to learn the do's and don'ts.
    I remember learning a lot back in the day with my Seg doing Dead Fronts, VS playing PVE. Nothing crazy but, a few tricks and skills can get overlooked really easy.
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    I haven't had a chance to read all the comments yet, but primarily agree.  The basic idea, I believe, is to get ppl back, or fresh, into the game such that it's fun on all levels.  The degree of leveling at the start of the game could be much slower without p-ing many off.

    I'm still pretty new to the game (since Feb 2012), but one thing I'd like to see is less frustrating ways to upgrade gears.  I have no problem with "failed attempts", but when that causes an upgrade to go back to ground level, I want to take a sledge hammer to my PC after a!  Could this be, at worst, a drop back of one level for a fail?  Or are there easier ways to upgrade that me and my team mates have not found?  Most of those I play the game with refuse to even try upgrades anymore...just buy "finished" stuff from other players.

    I totally agree about bringing back lower level DGs.  Anything that gives a new player experience(s) at lower levels would be a great help.  I've been told by older players in my alliance thar DK SQ is "out" for me for now (at lvl 160's++) because my gear is too crappy.  But had I been able to try Colo and DK SQ at lower lvls, I would have had a better appreciation of how & what I needed to upgrade.

    I've also felt that keeping a fair balance for EXP awards between quests, DGs, DFs, and the other PvP stuff, keeps the whole sphere of the game active, and not just focused on exclusive areas.  My understanding is that it is promoted as a PvP AND PvE game.
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    update: Middleman is pretty buged. I see a lot people sell items but if u want to buy something It just doesnt work with this middle man system....

    Problems so far:

    Middleman fail to show items sometimes for example u click on speer and want to show u all he has sometimes he doesnt show u anything but there are speers that people sell at that moment. If people sell many Speers for example there are numbers at the bottom 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 (pages) if i want to scroll different pages and see what is there it doesnt load and show blank page.

    -If i want to list items from low price to high price sometimes it doesnt work.

    Problem with the low to high price option for sorting items: Example >:

    Lowest price for copper argate single piece is 300k if i list it from low to high and pick that option.
    Highest is for example 900mio.
    Some people sell 5 pieces for 1mio  means each piece is 200k so its cheaper but system wont show it as cheapest it only show single pieces correct and rest u have to count yourself its annoying sometimes if someone selling like 100 pieces of something and u have to count for yourself what is cheaper.

    Conclusion: Almost Everything in this Game have to be checked once again, everywhere is something wrong. I pointed many things out and like 100 others things have to be improved also. 

    My advise for YOU GM'S are go make one account create new character and explore everything yourself then u will see yourself what have to be fixed. You will have a huge list at the end and it will take weeks with hard work to fix everything.

    Nexon made it pretty hard for you, they stolen our money and run away and left u with brocken Game which need a huge improvement in Everything.

    WE Don't want more free stuff no events yet... Please Improve the Game overall first!!!

    Best regards


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    wow, so i was looking in the wrong sections. I thought a lot of people would accept this game as it is....  But after reading this thread i think there might be some hope !
    Most of what i was reading here is what i experienced as well. It was the time Dekaron was really fun to play, when A9 arrived with Aloken. Of course the game had bugs from day one that survived until now even, but it was that "form a group and get out there"-thing, that made the game!
    So there might be some hope now...

    But how to handle the situation?
    I mean, even if the game will be set to our desires. What to do with all the new high level players of the past few weeks?
    I can remember a time when servers have opened in europe, when the game "really" became released after its long beta phase. Everything was set to Zero. Radically. And people joined and joined because of this opportunity. Some may have cried, okay it was a sad situation because they lost a lot. But it was a reset for everyone, so there was a chance. It was fair play.
    This might be a solution for this situation here.

    Option 2 would be you keep all chars as they are.... but the question would be:
    would enough newbies join the game so that beginners can form a party or a group to enter our highly desired dungeons together as it is ment to be?

    I myself must begin from zero anyway, because i was not doing the switch after gamehi... And today it is not thaaat sad. I would start all over again.

    So i keep an eye on the game.... it might come back again! Hopefully....
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    I have to agree about a lot of everything you guys brought up. I myself was a old 2 moon player and I do missed all those stuff the change from removing Loa castle and Braken castle the free exp boost on the first dungeon in north morte the 4 gigantic boss in loa etc novice dungeon and rabble for df and many more. I would like to see those back but I believe the generation change and a lot of people don't want to invest time grinding anymore because of many distraction such as new games for phone better graphic games such as GW2, Neverwinter, Path of exile, Diablo 3 etc. So I don't think this game will last many more years it's only alive because of the old player  keeping it alive hanging on with that nostalgia feeling and I'm doing the same thing but I also believe it's time to move on and change by making Dekaron 2 and implementing those ideas from 2 moon and some from the new Dekaron to cater to the newer taste of people.
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    @Papaya  can u answer on this Question please: Are you working on creating a new Server with content we told here? Like bringing good things back ... I check this Website everyday and everyday I get disapointed still nothing big changed since u took the game over. At some point we all will turn around and never come back to this game because people cant wait forever live goes on. As we all know there are many good games which have better Grafik and Content as Dekaron so answer please are you started to work on creating a New Server or not? If not this Game will die completely soon. The Game as it is now isnt worth playing and I stopped playing it like many others we all wait for that One Wonder that should happen soon.

    I speak from The Name of all the loyal Players of Dekaron please let us know that we are not wasting our time here and wait for something that may never happen.

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    DekaronVeteran is right.
    I think the best time was the very first years in dekaron when you started in loa or braiken castle, and you didn't even now about quests, you were killing the first mobs in loa, and keep looking for akrises in order to level up faster. Then it was a map between loa and denebe, damn it was sooooo good to play back then, you were happy of every level you made, you were waiting for skills, farming gems, and make slots in your first good looking set- like 30lvl ones :D. Back then you were really into this game, dungeons like you said, and many places where you could find so many people exping (for example in requies it was a spot, where everyone was exping in party) that game really was connecting people, I was a newbie when i first saw Selaime- I thought she is a haracter- the best segnale on server haha :D, then the breqon in loa, I was like 'damn, i gotta do summoner!- I love this char' I spent soo much time playing this game, and I really hope those days would come back. Main 6 characters, first good aoe skills with incar, I remember the excitement when I bought my 44(?) level skills, summoner- the first regulus, stronger than the character itself, knight- I was exping it 2 whole months for 44 lvl, WHOLE 2 MONTHS!!!. So many, well astonishing number of friendly ppl in loa and parca, tons of people wanting pvp on any level, guild master who had 45+ level was like God :D GODDAMN guys, I would give anything to bring this amazing game back. 
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    DekaronVeteran is right.
    I think the best time was the very first years in dekaron when you started in loa or braiken castle, and you didn't even now about quests, you were killing the first mobs in loa, and keep looking for akrises in order to level up faster. Then it was a map between loa and denebe, damn it was sooooo good to play back then, you were happy of every level you made, you were waiting for skills, farming gems, and make slots in your first good looking set- like 30lvl ones :D. Back then you were really into this game, dungeons like you said, and many places where you could find so many people exping (for example in requies it was a spot, where everyone was exping in party) that game really was connecting people, I was a newbie when i first saw Selaime- I thought she is a haracter- the best segnale on server haha :D, then the breqon in loa, I was like 'damn, i gotta do summoner!- I love this char' I spent soo much time playing this game, and I really hope those days would come back. Main 6 characters, first good aoe skills with incar, I remember the excitement when I bought my 44(?) level skills, summoner- the first regulus, stronger than the character itself, knight- I was exping it 2 whole months for 44 lvl, WHOLE 2 MONTHS!!!. So many, well astonishing number of friendly ppl in loa and parca, tons of people wanting pvp on any level, guild master who had 45+ level was like God :D GODDAMN guys, I would give anything to bring this amazing game back. 
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    HEy why dont u talk now ????? Back than it was so much fun to play DEKARON ! It grabbed me out after it changed from 2moons to the new name for europe wich is dekaron so im very old player who like alot of others lost all hes stuff all the hard work to make items and to level up characters are gone ! Also now the game is more similiar to a private server than the real deal... Why we need new sets over and over again new level caps new D SHOP ITEMS ????????? 

    Why dont we make only costumes and pets and mouts in the damn dshop that makes me quit forever since i also made a new accaunt to check what the games looks like and it feels as i said like just a private server with pay to win strategy.......

    SADLY BUT TRUE Dekaron is dying after nexon fked the game up you will finish it ...

    There is no quests partys players helping others there was something called EXPEDITION it was so great all the maps used to be filled with peoples we was making PVP`s PK outside parca draco dessert even at lvl 50 we use to have fun to play with others make pvp and have so much fun doing quests... 

    Noww is nonsense becouse why you should grind when you have just 2 dungeons that u can make twise a day its pure nonsence even to play becouse peoples that send money will allways be better equped with all the fancy +9s that they buy for few days...

    Back when i started to play the biggest set was lvl 115 than even the 130 ones was good but after .. when nexon took over the game it went down and down and belive me you dont go nothing higher than them becouse ofcourse we love the game and sh1t and allways will be someone who pay you money becouse he loves it but it wont be me even i think to quit and go to classic action 9 private server wich will be much better than the current state of the game i dont see nothig going to better maybe its me .. MY PERSONAL OPINION BIG THANKS TO ALL PEACE AND LOVE FOR THE VETERANS YOUR CHARACTERS WILL BE REMEMBERED LOL :D
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    its all over guys it will never be the same
  • CypronCypron Posts: 2Member Beginner
    Do IT Papaya! Only way to make the Game playable again...
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    SADLY BUT TRUE Dekaron is dying!!! 

    The right words bro, we are a group of 4 old dk players. We have been testing the game for 4 weeks now and honestly we will quit again ;( It's zero fun to play... 1 week and u are up to 170+ in my opinion u need Years for that!

    The only way to get back is a new server,

    without 1000s of Earings, Rings, Food, Buffs aso!

  • MushknotMushknot Posts: 1Member Beginner

    If you bring it back, i can get atleast 7 more back
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