Karin chat: [EVENT] Transcendent Accessory crafting

bugxmaxbugxmax Posts: 0Member Beginner
0. Why was crafting moved from Ishtar (Exchange Center) to Karin?
1. What does it mean "+ 9th Anniversary Transcendental Light" ?
2. How many must I have usual transcendent lights in order to upgrade, for example, Spell Sheen ?
3. Is it responsible binding transcendent light to binding items ?
4. In general, how can I upgrade binding Spell Sheen to Transcendent Spell Sheen ?

I'll appreciate for answers.


  • DunkinDo12DunkinDo12 Posts: 8Member Beginner
    depend on what spell sheen your using there a binded spell sheen un binded transcendent light if not use tradable Transcendent light but you need a lot of them like 100+
  • bugxmaxbugxmax Posts: 0Member Beginner
    The answer from support:

    gmedenJanuary 30, 2018 04:05
    Dear bugxmax,

    Thank you for contacting Dekaron Support Team,

    Item Transcendent Light has been removed from the game. We might reinstate it in the future.

    Stay tuned for the updates,

    Team Dekaron
  • trokneterg6trokneterg6 Posts: 126Approved Member Trainee
    bring back the trancendent crafting
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