Attendance Event =/

jsbabejsbabe Posts: 5Member Beginner
Day 2 of the event and nobody has gotten the attendance reward? 


  • ShirololShirolol Posts: 80Approved Member Beginner
    Yup, currently looks like it's bugged and isn't mailing the next day rewards.. I've reported it, so hopefully it gets fixed soon. :(
  • IsThisNameFreeIsThisNameFree Posts: 9Member
    Yup its bugged.Now papaya will say everything will be send with the next maint but they will not. Don't be surprised. It's not their 1st time they fail log in event. 
  • matzdefgomatzdefgo Posts: 1Member Beginner
    i hope they fix dis goddamn buggy event T_T
  • trokneterg6trokneterg6 Posts: 126Approved Member Trainee

    Now 8 days the attendancee event is past.
    only the first day we got the item Supper Blessed box.
    I was online every day.
    Now it is fixed and the event starts over withe the 8th reward Soulstone 250
    Where are the rest off the attendance rewards?
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