pet socket and 13th dekaron event

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acquired my pet mordresh and bat cat with slot put magic pet stone in it then the moment I had a pet cancel removed the stone and stone was gone same as the slot , the moment I'm adding socket it says pet not eligible for socket .2 months and counting still not solved.pets before once slotted can always add slot in it

13TH DEKARON S emblem

opened 10 boxes random 13th dekaron  S emblem

1x advance orange
2x malakite
1x holy water
6x 13th emblem  S lucky box

opened 6 boxes straight away and last box  had permanent emblem don't have a  chance to screenshot it I was disconnected straight away says bug. I just had a glimpse of this permanent emblem and that the last of it.

I can still log in but the moment I open my inventory and storage I automatically disconnected and saying bug.

now I don't know what's happening in my inventory and don't even have a clue what I'm wearing.

Asking for help and support 

respectfully yours,


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    From the Box you could get Guardsman EXP Coins but Karin dont know them
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