Rebalance pistol

WaerzeWaerze Posts: 13Member Beginner
please rebalance pistols. glock18 takes 1 whole mag to kill someone, glock21 only takes 4-5 bullets that hit. this makes every other pistol useless since glock21 is so OP, swm viper or m1911 have way smaller mag sizes and ammo cap. even beretta which is relatively ok still runs out of ammo quickly. pistol should be sidearm that kills tagged opponent, not primary weapon that is better than smg that can kill in 4-5 shots. i suggest that u tune down the damage so that it is still accurate that it is usable, but not as powerful. thanks


  • GASevenGASeven Posts: 19Member Beginner
    Hi Waerze, 

    Thank you for the feedback, we'll be taking into consideration the matters raised. 

    With Regards,
    GA Seven
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