Stuttering issue

AlwaysMeeAlwaysMee Posts: 92Member Beginner
Someone has stuttering issue from papaya starts ?


  • AlwaysMeeAlwaysMee Posts: 92Member Beginner
  • HGMApexHGMApex Posts: 54WR Game Master Beginner
    Can you please tell me more about what you mean by this please so I can help you.


  • AlwaysMeeAlwaysMee Posts: 92Member Beginner
    When i had windows 10 and this game was managed by Nexon everything was perfect, i mean.. 140 FPS, lagg and other things.. but now, when Warrock switched to papaya to many problems start... no more 140 FPS, lagg, and other issues of other entities... STUTTERING is the big one... the game is no more fluently like 2 years ago (with NEXON) it's hard to explain it... try to watch some videos on youtube about it.

    My components:

    8 Gb RAM DDR4
    ASROCK H170 PRO4
    I5 6600 SKYLAKE

    I'm waiting for your answer, thank you
  • cr4zyltucr4zyltu Posts: 3Member Beginner
    I have the same issue... :(
    My components:

    8 GB RAM
    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050
  • DruidaDruida Posts: 376Member Trainee
    For me a stabil 120FPS dropped to 22-60-top 82FPS now
  • DragonForceWRDragonForceWR Posts: 454Member Intermediate
    I got no problems with the FPS in WarRock (GTX 1080, i7 6700k, 32GB DDR4)
    All you can do is:
    - Download CCleaner & run it.
    - Uninstall everything you dont need (and thats ALOT at windows 10 (use CCleaner for it))
    - deactivate AutoStart Programs you dont need,
    - clean up your drive (defragmentation etc)
    - Set your PC to HighPerformance in the Energiesettings
  • AlwaysMeeAlwaysMee Posts: 92Member Beginner
    Man, i've a 1500 euros of computer and i have to do all of those steps just to play Warrock ? I mean, the issue is another one... discover the reasons for which, with papaya, Warrock doesn't run at the previous way. 

    It's not just to fix it.

  • R3voxWRR3voxWR Posts: 562Member Intermediate
    I have no problems with FPS (i5-3450, GTS450, 8GB RAM, SSD).
    You asked one thing, and Apex gave you a possible solution.. If you don't wanna try it it's your fault but don't do these thread the next time. xd

    PS: che ti costa provare a seguire quei passaggi @AlwaysMee ?
    Intel Core i5-3450 - Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 - 8 GB of Ram 
  • R3voxWRR3voxWR Posts: 562Member Intermediate
    I wrote Apex instead of DragonForce, my fault sorry. :P
    Intel Core i5-3450 - Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 - 8 GB of Ram 
  • AlwaysMeeAlwaysMee Posts: 92Member Beginner
    I already did these stemps, but it still doesn't works!
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