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umarion7umarion7 Posts: 8Member Beginner
I've been playing this game since k2 network. Back then the userbase was broad enough that you could have a streak of nice friendly people in a lobby. Now it's flooded with star level players who obviously have been abused and are spewing and spamming out the same 3 words to everyone who isn't a dedicated hardcore warrock enthusiast. "nab" "lagger" "sit" 

Your core user base is one of the main reasons people are switching off from this game. 

Add matchmaking! 

Rework mechanics!

Don't be so passive with your balancing! Piss off these die hard life long warrock worshippers! Make them adapt! 

Segregate us from these grown children who never found a place in society and spew out trash like this is a 2003 junior high-school class room! 


  • KillingtimeKillingtime Posts: 245Member Trainee
    Exactly, old players know how to abuse old bullshit mechanics, pay2win and bugs etc. Like invertleaning, playing a certain side of a map only because its easier, using the most op vehicles etc. so its not new player friendly at all and well its not good for anyone, its not exactly fun except for people who like to abuse everything to make the game as easy as possible to them.

    The balance progress has been good but SO DAMN SLOW, like balancing things every second month or so in average...zZzZz.. they lose momentum quickly after the patches...

  • Mrterr0rMrterr0r Posts: 236Member Trainee
    Everyone was friendly back in 2007 due to the server structure and it being a new game. But years and years of cheating reduced the friendly vibe as it turned out you could not trust anyone. I myself fell for it quite a few times, get friendly with players on a personal level only to see them banned. So i stopped even trying to be friendly because the majority of players were cheating as shown by the amount of players banned over the years. Its hard to have a friendly outlook towards others when 100s/1000s of players each month are being banned for cheating.

    Make account, cheat, get banned, repeat. For so many this was there outlook towards warrock. And some managed to go months without being banned even when everyone new they were cheating. The majority playing today are old cheaters. Some with 10s of banned accounts to there name. 

    Now we are forced onto a server with no way to block players who live 5000 miles away who cannot obtain a ping to the server. Players who warp through walls, clip doors and gain an advantage because they are lagging.

    Then you have to deal with the less skilled players who simply outspend you to stand a chance of winning and then turn around and say how bad you are having bought every item the shop offers to boost there account. Forgetting they just stitched the game up by team stacking, rejoining or starting a game vs some clueless low level. 

    Balancing should be easy.... 

    No 32 player rooms should be starting with 3 players. Just like battle-royal there should be a set amount of players per team based on the room size before the game will even start. Along with no team switching. You start derb you can only ever rejoin derb till that game finishes. 

    No more selecting sides... Let the game take control and mix the teams as the game starts. 

    Have a rage quit stat rather then a KD. Showing players who continually leave games. I would respect someone more who had a high RQS of a HIGH kd low RQS because every time they find themselves in a hard game or outnumbered the simply leave or rejoin.  

    Give us a free to play room option and remove these other crap game modes that no one uses. This way NEW players can make rooms and know they are not at a disadvantage playing against people who are spending 100s each year just to play a video game.  

    DISABLE F2 CHAT!!! <<< this would be so easy to do.  Why this has never been done i dont know. There is no reason to speak to the other side. And mostly anything in F2 is toxic. 

    But there are better games and nothing will change to the real areas that need fixing.
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  • HGMApexHGMApex Posts: 65WR Game Master Beginner
    These are all great points! I guess my question here is what are the top three things you would like to change and why? 

    Keep in mind that anything that is a full restructure might not be able to be done (but can still be requested)!

  • DruidaDruida Posts: 385Member Trainee
    1th PING LIMIT BACK+more antihack patch+more active GM
    2th PING LIMIT BACK+more antihack patch
    3th PING LIMIT BACK+more active GM
  • CommandineCommandine Posts: 22Member Beginner
    some time ago I tried to bring 3 of my friends in this game, 2 of them quitted immediately, 1 of them only plays in PVE sometimes, these are the motivations that have led my friends to uninstall the game:1) in this game you are killed behind the walls and everyone seems to be lagging and walking through the walls2) when they discovered that there are items like skin advantages and fast reload they immediately labeled the game as pay2win and deleted it (the problem is that if it were not for fast reload and skin, at least the weapons are actually balanced because you are doing a good job from this point of view)3) this is just a detail, but I want to report it anyway because it could be really easy to fix: when you spawn in FFA it doesn't equip you with the weapon and often while you extract it, you get killed, hint: make sure that when you spawn you already have the slot 3 equipped.

    therefore, the 3 main things I would change (other than the obvious bug fixes this game needs) are:

    1) fix the netcode:
    everyone walks thorught walls, good ping or bad ping doesn't matter, i can't play 1 game without seeing someone spamming in chat "lag", "lagger", "buy net" etc... but the problem is in the netcode, not much in players connections, also there are player abusing this by forcing lag (walking thorught walls and kill other players while they can't see you it's an huge advantage, isn't it?)

    2) remove the pay to win or put free2play rooms:
    skins stats   fast reload is just stupid against new players and should be removed, skin parts should be only for aestetic purpose (that "drin drin" that protects you from sniper's headshot is really really annoying and it's nonsense), fast reload should be completely removed from the game or should be avaiable for everyone (this is the most unfair item in the game, especially in modes like weapon master and 1 shot kill), medic boxes, hp kit, stamina and 5th slot should be avaiable for everyone for dinars.
    WRC should not be for pay2win purpose, but it should be used for packages with no pay2win item which i talked about earlier, levelling items, dinars and mistery boxes to have a chance to win permanent weapons. Also there should be more expansive items for dinars in item shop like luky break boxes and military supply key (used to be at 50.000 dinars if i'm not wrong) maybe for members only to give more sense to premium gold and dinars package to buy with wrc.

    3) continue balancing weapons:
    you are doing a great job with this, but there are still some weapons which are overpowered like famas and dbr snake and other one that are underpowered like hk416, galil, md97 which has some issues with extraction time and ar-7 which is a sniper that needs 2 headshots to kill (lol)
  • Mrterr0rMrterr0r Posts: 236Member Trainee
    Do all admins read off the same script? The same automated replies.

    You cannot make changes that would effect the game-play but added battle royal to the game that no one wanted and no one plays, unless you offer stupid amounts of free rewards. What a waist of time, man power and money which could have been used to improve the game and bring in new players. This did not happen overnight yet was more of a priority then addressing the current issues in game. 

    The game gets put on steam and cannot even get more then 350 daily players. Does this not show something is wrong with warrock? And i am sure a % of these players already played pre steam and are not new. Just check the steam reviews so many say the same thing. Unbalanced and P2W being two of the main complaints. 

    A free to play mode would be a start.... 1-4 slots and 1-5 for heavy trooper. 

    After all the game is free to play yet F2P gets crushed by P2W players. You cannot expect a new player to spend money on a game they have never played yet dont offer them away to play and get into the game. Just like big-head, players would have the option to play that mode or not and no one is at a disadvantage playing there. I cannot see how a F2P mode would be a negative move to implement. 

    Players rejoining... I mean wtf, i have never played another game like this where so many people switch teams because they are losing or about to have a hard game. It happens almost every single BG game. Why is this not deemed a problem and solved. It does nothing to promote good game-play and in more cases then not ruins the game. 

    Team stacking, again i cannot think of another game i have played where so many players want to team stack just to gain an advantage. A lot of people complain about spawn camping and this happens because the teams are so one sided mostly from the start of a game. Remove the option to select sides and let the game decided while stopping players rejoining to stop these players who only play one side of a map every game because it offers the biggest advantage.  

    The game-play sucks and its no wonder it has such a low player count. I could log in now and within an hour be back with many examples of the above complaints but nothing will every change regarding this.


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  • umarion7umarion7 Posts: 8Member Beginner
    Invert leaning is a glitch. You know when you're playing big head and the only thing the sniper is showing is his shoulder? His gun isn't even showing? FIX THAT. FIX IT NOW. There are so many balance breaking exploitation's that a new player would see in his first match... and uninstall. If you want to turn this game around you have alot of work to do. If you're happy with your current user base and the amount of demons floating in it then be straight up with it. Tell us on how you're planning on restructuring if so and ETA's. I am honestly an idiot for coming back paying for premium and buying a perm famas box when the same underlying issues haven't even been ADDRESSED by GM's. Disable chat in-game, or atleast f2 chat... RADIO ONLY... 
  • distortiondistortion Posts: 120Member Trainee
    you guys should write a book
  • Mrterr0rMrterr0r Posts: 236Member Trainee
    The title of my book is going to be,

    1%, We were few. 

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