Admins... Server getting hacked

Mrterr0rMrterr0r Posts: 200Member Trainee
Just had a game messed up clearly due to someone. There unhappy about there ban i guess.

Kill feed started showing double kills,
The time started changing going back and forth to random times
my health went from full to zero
weapons switching without me pressing a button.
My ping vanished. 
tanks and players warping all over the map.
no one could kill so i exit game. 

this effected everyone in the room
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  • DragonForceWRDragonForceWR Posts: 441Member Intermediate
    Nope. You just went out of Sync with the Server. Happens to everyone from time to time but mostly if you relogged into another acc without restarting the Game.

    To explain you what happend:

    You went out of Sync / your client messed up the recived Packages from the Server. Thats why everyone warped. Chat Lag, random Weapon switch & 2x Killfeed.

    Your Health from 100 to 0 was -> Someone killed you while your Client messed up the Packages. Causing you to be Dead (on the Server - for everyone) and Alive (at your Client you are still alive) - So you are like a Ghost.
    You are unable to kill enemys and you cant be killed (you wont get seen anyways since your enemys only see your dead body at the spot you "died" on their screen)+ you are unable to heal / reload ammo or to drive vehicles.
    But you can still capture Bases (Which would be bugabuse since you are invisible / GodModeLike)

    You need to restart the Game to fix it. If you only relog or leave the match you will have the same issue in  a few minutes or your game will simply crash.

  • Mrterr0rMrterr0r Posts: 200Member Trainee
    This did not just happen to me and everyone in the room that i spoke to after also said the same thing happened to them too. 
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  • R3voxWRR3voxWR Posts: 561Member Intermediate
    Hi @Mrterr0r,

    maybe WarRock Server messed up few seconds so that thing happend to more than one.
    But, as @DragonForceWR said just restart the game. :)
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  • PAPAYAnexon2PAPAYAnexon2 Posts: 221Member Trainee


    I have this problem often. 

    Now my friend you know why I say a lot of good words to the publisher )))
  • DragonForceWRDragonForceWR Posts: 441Member Intermediate
    Even if "everyone" as you say had it, Its the Client Messing up the recived Packages.
  • Mrterr0rMrterr0r Posts: 200Member Trainee
    If it was the client then why was everyone not effected? The client just decided it did not like the 10 of us? Did it pick a room at random? lucky spin to see who it crashed. As when i asked other players in other rooms they did not suffer any issue.

    Or are you covering for your friend again?

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  • DragonForceWRDragonForceWR Posts: 441Member Intermediate
    Dude i told you. Your client started to mess up the recived packages.
    Thats why everyone started to warp around, teleport etc.
    Happens to everyone from time to time.
    I got it like 1-2 times per Month. Other Players have it more often and some players less. And some players never got that Issue.
    I most likely get that issue when i relogged from my Main Acc into my ESL acc without restarting the Game.
    (yes you can Change the Acc without closing the Game)
    Happens like 1-2 Hours / Matches after made the relogg.

    Why "everyone" in your match had that issue - i dont know. I dont know why the client starts to mess up the recived packages.
    Maybe its somth like the Server messed up a Package which caused the client to mess up everything.
    Since everyone warps back and forward, you get 2/3x Killfeed etc it seems hardly like a desync issue / processing issue. Like your client isnt able to process the package queue in the right order.
  • R3voxWRR3voxWR Posts: 561Member Intermediate
    I got this "out of sync" like two hours ago.
    It's completely random @Mrterr0r.

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  • HGMApexHGMApex Posts: 54WR Game Master Beginner
    Thanks for your concern and we are working to make sure that such exploit is properly being dealt with by EAC! We want to make sure that the game is enjoyable for everyone and we don't want this to take away from the fun (even thought it does when they are in-game). 

    Please always feel free to reach out to us via discord or our ticket system as these are closely monitored.


  • HGMPrismaHGMPrisma Posts: 65WR Game Master Beginner
    To elaborate on the statement of HGMApex.

    This issue indeed occurs to what @DragonForce said a server Desync, when this happens you need to restart the game.

    There are many reason this might happen, the one I found ofthen myself is when the client missed an important timer that the server requested and therefore the client gets a desync. 

    We always try to better the experience for everyone, that being said we will take a closer look to see if there is a fix for this issue.
    Kind regards,
  • DruidaDruida Posts: 354Member Trainee
    Today saw only 2 hacker under 30min so it was nice to play after 3 month afk ing :)

    I asked him why he is hacking rapid fire, speed hack , OVC, boting and first time when a hacker give me a reason why he doing it i was suprised:
    "bec have no friends"
    "bec i too fat and hate WR"

    See lot of u can learn from him about honesty, i almost feel sorry for that idiot  :)
  • x4ntusx4ntus Posts: 23Member Beginner
    imagine that there is way to not be ready in tournament, so nobody can play tournaments :)
    it just won't start ever, someone need to fix this
  • R3voxWRR3voxWR Posts: 561Member Intermediate
    @Druida don't post off-topic things on threads.
    This thread isn't about hackers.
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