@Papaya: Give Dekaron the care is desperately needs, or give it to a professional team who will.

dragonelderdragonelder Posts: 3Approved Member Beginner
Forgive me for being blunt, but this is out of control. I will be using brash language.

This game had potential to be decent. But constant negligence, ignorance, and poor management has been proliferating every since Nexon picked it up.

Extreme translation errors. Spelling errors, capitalization errors. It not hard to use your brain when working with translations. Please use your intelligence, or find someone else willing to put fourth the effort. Use research.

This game references countless mythologies.
Nunvice shrine for example: Vassago used to be spelled correctly, now it is "Vasago"

Dekaron, the name of the game. Is based on the name the name "Charon" De-Karon = "to remove Karon" such as the word "dehumidify" is "to remove water"

The files are stupidly simple to work with. You guys are pulling in ridiculous amounts of money from the stupid foreigners who somehow manage to know how to breathe.

There is zero responsibility and zero professionalism coming from this team and it makes me sick.

Private servers are making you look bad by displaying a much higher level of respect, professionalism, and acting like responsible adults.

I don't understand how I like this gave even today. I picked it up when Acclaim made it available to the US. I met fantastic people, made many friends.

Now the game is filled with people use have a hard-on for killing anything that moves. People who have an intelligence level of a dog. It's pathetic.

The pay to win mechanic needs to stop. Breakable gear, impossible success rates. All of that needs to go.

The players are need to get their head on straight, and act like humans beings instead of the common mutt.


  • dragonelderdragonelder Posts: 3Approved Member Beginner
    Spelling mistakes I missed, sorry. I can't edit the post to fix them
  • dragonelderdragonelder Posts: 3Approved Member Beginner
    So in truth, the player are "Dekaroners" not "Dekarons"
  • kaskaplaskakaskaplaska Posts: 1Approved Member Beginner
    i havent played the game for a while but as i can see nothing has changed. 
    It's so true, this game had so much potential and it's gone to waste, im not surprised that private servers grew so much, it's funny though, private servers used to be for players who got permanently banned from the game. 
  • 0rionsbane5090rionsbane509 Posts: 3Approved Member Beginner
    Its clear they don't play the game, they are milking it for every cent left then we can only hope they dump it on a host that might try to keep it alive. Id take literally any p-server team over the official one, clearly they can't change the game in any meaningful way and 90% of what they do is to try to get more money out of it.
  • iMollyiMolly Posts: 145Approved Member
    I think this has been being said fairly regularly since they took over the game. To be fair I think it’s been said about everyone who has run the game since acclaim. Would be nice to have that community feeling it did back when acclaim ran it. And feeling like with enough work, and planning you could keep becoming stronger. Now it’s, well how many 100’s am I wasting to try and get this new thing, to just end up without it. It’s a sad thing to see.
  • ArcalluneArcallune Posts: 0Member Beginner
    Coming from 2Moons, I'm very sad as well to see what the game has become: a bad joke. The errors you mention are indeed extreme, so much so that many texts don't even make sense anymore. It's not just spelling errors or capitalization errors; it's much worse. As for the broken experience curve, it seems to be a common fate —a depressing one— in multiplayer games (I can't stand the ever-increasing drop rate in gacha games neither). So yeah. No policy, no ethical code, disrespect for players who invested a lot of their time. Dekaron is pretty much dead.
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