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Hi there, I haven't played this game in a long time But it's a very good game Wonderful graphics Very good maps, this #Compotetive is very cool I'm glad you offer very good things to the players. I am #Devastatinq_ // My real name is #LERI. And I would like to have one idea, or my request, to consider if you and our players can come out and like us. i was 3 years back One game Forum moderator I will not name the game He was also shooting Very good game with very cool graphics And for some reason I gave up. 

So let's get started let's share my ideas

1.  Add a name change color:  A very nice thing is that the color of the name gives it more stimulation and makes it more fun to play Give it a sufficient price for example: 350GEM  
for example: Devastatinq_ Devastatinq_ Devastatinq_ Devastatinq_ 

The second idea is
2. Add Clan name color Change : The same can be said about very beautiful things Give it a sufficient price for example: 420GEM  
for example:  i Use Other Clan Names  like : Vitality  // FakeHUB_ And  Like This 

So I think that's a very good thing  It will encourage more play and give a much cooler look If you find this my idea will be very glad I have some more ideas and will definitely share with you



  • DSHDIABODSHDIABO Posts: 810BS ServerHead Intermediate
    Hello andria2018,

    We will forward your request to our developers. Thank you for sharing your suggestion with us and please keep them coming!


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