[Guide] : Old School Wings / Farming Location's

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Step 1 : Farm Baz (168 PT Dungeon Dravice Town Village) in the PK Map as it is 2x drop rate.

Baz drops a box (Wings of Protection) with 2x drop rate i got 1 once every roughly 20 runs.

Step 2 : Farm Rudene (168 PT Dungeon Dravice Town Village) Both paths in PK map as it is 2x drop rate.

(still undetermined yet drop rates)

(you can choose which path if you spend into the Super Pass's otherwise its random path)

North Path: - Soaring Power drops

South Path : - Heavenly Energy drops.

It takes 1x Soaring Power / 3x Heavenly energy and a Wings of Protection to attempt to make one of the following.

Carnival Wings / Glory Wings / Phantom Wings / Blood Armor Wings / Blue Dragon Wings.

As these wings are technically considered old school wings.

To exchange these material can be done at [Parakel, The Black Handed Alchemist] In Ardeca.

There is a fail rate.

My succession has only happened once with the Blood Armor Wings.

I tried 2 times on the Phantom wings and failed.

Note i have only tried 3 times as it takes quite a bit of farming to get the materials together.

Hope this helps you guys or collectors on obtaining the Old School Wings!!!



  • Great guide! These wings were out-of-date long before I came aboard, so I never really understood how they were put together. But they certainly look cool.

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