[BS-GLB EVENT] Clan War Feedback

Hello BlackShot Global Mercs,

We’re always welcome to hear your feedback on Clan War mode. Share your suggestions in this form and we’ll reward you for doing so at the end of the event period. 5 lucky winners will be exceptionally rewarded.


From 3 June 2021 to 28 June 2021, you need to share your feedback, and improvement suggestions, on the latest changes on the Clan War Mode this forum topic;

All received feedback will be taken under consideration for future improvements on this mode;

All players that leave constructive feedback will be rewarded and 5 lucky winners will receive special rewards;


We will only consider participants that leave constructive feedback;

Abusive behavior will disqualify you from this event;


5 Lucky Winners: Elite Trooper Package 7D

Participation: FW-4C Neo Tiger+ 3D

Team BlackShot


  • You can give gifts to the participants and this will increase the number of players on the Clan of war


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    Ficou top o server Clan .

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    Trocam também a recompensa do competitivo

  • Olá!

    Cada atualização que tem sobre o server Clan deixa ele mais competitivo e vocês colocando essas recompensas fica melhor ainda.

    Gostei que vocês colocaram a type 89 jungle de volta ao game e ainda de bp, é sempre bom trazer algumas armas antigas em cada temporada.

    Vocês poderiam trocar a recompensa do competitivo.

  • Greetings,as an old blackshot player,i'd love that clanwar begining match sound be back,also in order to gain players's acceptation,some rewards or EXP bonus would be appreciated,otherwise it's really fun to play.

  • Hello

    I would like to increase the number of slots in clanwar to 6 slots and add the tdm mode to the clanwar

  • hi papaya and gms this mode is becoming better with rewards and thats thanks to u now everyone is playing with his friends and enjoying the game also u can improve this mode by making more epic rewards players love that or making gems as a reward will be insane i think and thnx <3

    ign : _Rinnegan

  • the clanwar rewards made many people start playing clanwars again with friends and that is awesome. you can add tdm to the clanwwars it will be fun.

    IGN: sacredprince

  • Poderiam dar uma premiação por pontos conquistados no CW, quanto mais pontos fizer em sala, mais perto de conseguir o prêmio você chega.

    IGN: Buynetlaggers

  • Put a replay of the kill coming from the account that killed the player, along with a report window.

    IGN: NicolasPiza

  • A atualização ficou show. Se for possível, coloca um limite de rank da patente maior no CW pois tem muito hacker se aproveitando com conta nova. Indico Capitão pra cima para poder entrar no server!

    IGN: Shadow___X

  • Boa noite!! Com essa ultima atualização foi muito boa, parabens. Primeiramente poderiam colocar os Strikes no começo de cada partida para saber se estamos quebrando algum strikes de algum clan, poderiam poder ter uma DEMO para poder fazer dowload de qualquer jogador nas partidas do CW junto com uma auto denuncia apenas clicando no nick no meio da partida mesmo, pois os patentes pequenas estao acabando com o CW com hacks. e o primeiro modo de acabar com hacks e elevando para CAPITAO o incresso em CW pois nao teriam que upar a patente em um e ir jogar CW e sim upar por meses e com isso nao iriam atrapalhar os players limpos do game. Obrigado!!

    IGN: SansaStark__

  • A level can be set for players such as professionals, they can enter against professionals and beginners against beginners, and players can be rewarded, for example, by giving them a few gems such as 2 gems or 5 gems or giving them in-game money. This will increase the chances of playing cw and also they can be rewarded with multiple weapons as well. each other for symbolic prizes

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    Hello GM Team, as a player who plays for a decade I wanna thank y'all for puting the hype again in clan wars!

    Now talking about suggestions here's some:

    • In the match startup u should put the streak of each clan and maybe the ranking.
    • Try to fix some visual bugs such as rejoining views from spawn.
    • Put some clan war meta like the old days (Legend, Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze..)
    • When some clan is in a 5+ win streak y'all could announce it automatically ( AAA is on a 6 Win Streak!!).. Something like that..
    • When in public and your clan is high ranked maybe showing some flame or brighten in the clan name so people know you've been doing good in clan wars.
    • Put a higher rank level to play clan war.. maybe 2nd LT+.

    If I find more suggestions i'll write another comment! Anyways, thanks again for making this game fun and playable! Feeling like the old days! Have a great day GM Team. :)

    IGN: Depashh

  • Kindly Put some clan war tiers like the old days Legend. Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze & Make Announment about clanmarks like they do in Blackshot Sea!

    IGN- Czarder

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