Fashion Flash Competition - *CLOSED*

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Ahoy Captains!

It's time to Strut your Stuff and show off your fashion sense with the UWO World as your backdrop! The bounds of this competition are up to your own creativity and the story you can spin keeping in mind the main focus is the equipment or clothing your character is wearing. Entries must include the IGN of the submitting character (Case Sensitive), a screenshot featuring your character's threads and a description explaining the scene you have submitted or what makes your specific dress special.

The contest will run from August 18th until after maintenance until September 1st @2PM (PDT), any screenshots submitted after this time will be disqualified.

Full contest details and rewards can be found at: after the start of the competition. Although one slight modification to the rules is:

  • Multi-screenshot images will no longer be accepted into the competition.

We can't wait to see what the community has in store!

~Team Uncharted Waters


Images files cannot be uploaded as BMP files and need to be converted into JPEG's or lower quality .PNG files.

To covert to JPEG:

Right click on the image you would like to convert, Choose Edit -> In the new window that opens go to File (top left-hand corner) -> Save as -> JPEG Picture -> Enter a name for the file then you will have a newly created image file that can be uploaded below.



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    Winners have been decided! Check the results below:

  • IGN: Rara

    Out of all the places I've visited and discovered, none can match the beauty of Atlantis... farewell yet not farewell! I hope to see you again one day. 💜

  • IGN: Mictlantecutli

    Talk about a fish out of water! I came from Peru one day and boy oh boy was I enthralled to see the many factory towns of Europe. I arrived on the continent quite by accident as my ship was tossed about in a storm, and the first thing I remember was seeing buildings with black smoke coming out of pipes and holes on the top. In fact a most memorable time was when I visited one of these towns, I think was an industrial town near the land of Espanya and as soon as I got off my ship everyone became excited and ran...AWAY!

    However a gentleman with a strange box device told me to stand still so he could "shoot" me. As you can see in this picture I dared not move for I did not want to be "Shot". But anyway, the gentleman showed me and gave me the picture for me to remember my trip into modernity.

    To this day, I still wonder why they run away from me when i disembark, I always wear my level best clothes befitting a warrior of my tribe, maybe because I have not washed my loincloth in ages?

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    IGN: Jeromial

    Jero is attired in Highlander Suit and shaman sword amidst the backdrop of the Callanish Standing Stones.

    Like the Stones which stand eternal, the Kilt is a timeless classic as part of proud Scottish manhood and heritage.

    The shaman sword is a potent emblem of the warlike nature and religion of his ancient race.

    Ode to my Kilt

    I am truly a Scotsman, bonniest in my clan,

    Flaxen hair ablaze, azure eyes amaze,

    Shirt of golden fleece, cape as forest breeze,

    Kilt in tartan green, hilt with deadly sheen,

    From the finest pelt, dapper boots and belt,

    A really good catch, if the colors match,

    And even more so, if I go commando,

    As many fair lasses have asked incognito,

    Who’s that Scotsman handsome and well built?

    I wonder if it’s true he don’t wear beneath the kilt!

  • IGN: Zhiolle

    Just a party in my quarter

    Am too, not quite sure what's going on. It's been a while since the last time I invited myself to visit me, in my quarter. After a long day of back and fort voyaging, we all need a time to rest. So here I am, having a little chitchat and a fun time together with: Me, Myself, Mannequins, Ecbar (the Guy in black suit), Aisha (the Lady in green), Ivory Statue of Goddess, shiba Inu and I.

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    IGN: Ariesong

    The year is 1605. I am a young daimyo (warlord) paying homage to my liege overlord, the Shogun in the capital.

    The strict code of Samurai requires impeccable attire and manners in deference to the Shogun. 

    My regalia comprise of the latest innovation - portuguese chest plate paired with a stylish maroon Jinbaori (sleeveless jacket) ,inlayed with exquisite nishiJin brocade. The crimson Maedate (Helmet crest) is enamelled with tortoiseshell and festooned with an golden buddhist inscription invoking divine protection. Each piece is like sheer lightness, you feel the regalia blending into your being and every contour like a vivid halo. One can only marvel at the intricate craftmanship by the artisans, the epitome of style and utility. As their patron, I was honored to showcase their masterpieces- Edo will be my stage!

    Before our pageantry to Edo castle, there were endless crowds of peasants and merchants gawking in admiration. They were discussing how the new fabrics and designs could be used in their daily lives. In a way, we daimyos are the trendsetters at the cutting edge of fashion!

    The scent of cherry blossoms permeated the air whilst we traverse the picturesque streets and bridges of the capital. The chill of spring was still palpable as the bronze bells of Sensoji Temple tolled from a distance. Sensing the multitude of adoring gazes on my regalia, i waved back in polite appreciation. As the magnificent edifice of Edo Castle looms, I fought hard to retain my composure as euphoria flooded my entire being.

    Strangely, I also felt an inexplicable tinge of sadness. Life is but a fleeting dream- power and splendour will eventually fade like cherry blossoms. However, the image of the ascent to Edo Castle in my prized Jinbaori & Maedate will be etched forever in my mind .

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    IGN: Lyd

    Dresses of this elegance and beauty are very hard to come by, so when I had the opportunity to buy a dress as extravagant as this one, I had to purchase it. But I couldn't go so far as to just have it delivered to me, I needed to make the voyage to the to experience the place where this fabulous dress was carefully fashioned.

    My voyage took me from my hometown in London all the way to the hidden Peach Blossom Spring village in the outskirts of Chongqing. I spent 60 days at sea, eagerly awaiting the arrival and completion of this dress, that when I finally arrived, it was even better than I imagined.

    The only way to describe said experience is to begin with the colorful nature before entering the village. The pink Peach Blossom trees surrounded the village for miles, while the white flowers lined the single path through the village. The village was so peaceful and quaint that its as if I could feel my mind just relax just at the sights and smells of it.

    After finally receiving my dress from the master tailor in the village, I couldn't believe how vibrant the colors were. The deep red contrasted excellently with the gold and bright white. When walking out with it on, I felt like I was in heaven because it was as comfortable as it was appealing. I continued my exploration and stopped and stared in awe at the beautiful Peach Blossom next to the building housing a famous Chinese general from their village and had my portrait painted in front of them.

    Though I had to make the return journey home, this dress will always serve as one of my fondest memories of the adventure and the prize at the end of it all. I went out expecting only the dress, and I came back with the experience of a lifetime in a foreign country...(and the dress of course!)

  • IGN: [CA]Roland.von.Zeppelin

    8 September 1683, 4 days before the Battle of Vienna began

    Today is the day where the Holy League, which consisted of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, Holy Roman Empire, Republic of Venice, & Tsardom of Russia decided to held a Battle Tournament at the Coliseum in Rome as a part of enlistment test to those who want to join the Army of the Holy League in order to counter Ottoman Empire's approaching army before they reaching Vienna, the Holy Roman capital.

    I was one of those men who got invited by the Holy League War Council to join the tournament. Being a German who served both as a Condotierri for the Venetian Army & a Hetman for the Polish Army, I decided to answer the call by going to Rome to join the tournament. Before I go though, I wore my Winged Hussar's Armour & Helmet along with Brave Warrior's Shoes, & brought The King Sword of Light (nicknamed "Hopebringer" by myself). Now I ready for the tournament itself.

    Here I'm now, in front of the Coliseum in Rome, few hours before the tournament starts. Hope I can make it through the tournament alive & unscathed.

  • IGN: Teaspoon

    Hallo hallo! I am Teaspoon, the long lost twin sister of the renowned adventurer Josephine. My twin and I had lots of differences but with only one passion which is to seek the truth behind our mother's story. With all the adventures we had together, those rough seas, the dangers at unknown lands, the mysteries of the world and the company and friends we made along the way, with Prince Henriques' help, we found the relic that our mother left us. Now we are done with our mother's story, a new beginning lies beyond from this point onwards. A new wind has risen, a new passion to continue to sail forward, to discover and unveil the mysteries of the world! To chart the uncharted waters! I am Teaspoon, an aspiring great explorer of the next generation.

  • IGN: WillSM00TH

    The king says 'Welcome'!

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    IGN: firstbear
    It was a terrible time... The time spent in this gloomy Azuchi... 
    But a glimmer of hope began to appear. 
    We do not become slaves. will be the masters of the world. With this enhanced Excalibur!

  • IGN: NeverLast

    Pawtrait scene at Mount Emei, Sichuan Master Panda is training NeverLast and another bear cub on Kungfu Fighting. He is in a stylish white coat with a striking black-stripe. The cubs are in their best cute teddy brown coats with a white crest. They have chosen to go bear-foot for ease of practice. Everyone is looking their best but the cubs' movements' are kinda awkward to say the least. Master Panda: This is unbearable, NL. Your are practising Acrobat turn! Not Snake Tango. Bear cubs: Master, this move is in-pawsible! However, no setbear is furever. The cubs will train and and become Kungfu Masters one day.

  • IGN: Darthgirl

    Darthgirl has traveled the world searching for all the wonders and delights she may find. Dressed beautifully in her ballerina outfit she dances in front of a collection of fine porcelain that both complements her nature and her outfit. Style and beauty of the most treasured variety she has found, if only she could take it all home with her.

  • IGN; Mandarth

    "Curious", Mandarth the Alchemist thinks, " I wonder if these ingredients will make my robe transform?" He ponders the selection, and samples the exotic herbs. Eye of Newt, Dragon's blood, star dust, & ground unicorn horn. "Might the powdered diamond produce the right effect?" of course the shop keeper is just a hired hand and of no help at all.

  • IGN: Cylthia

    It's nothing much to say, Asia captains in Asia dress code. The place is Xanadu, one of the greatest milestones achievement for any adventurer who seek knowledge beyond the horizon.

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    IGN: Elphid

    As I call myself an adventure, I specifically find Weather/Phenomena discoveries fascinating then other discoveries because I can watch it closely on the screen then just texts about discoveries. Therefore I find this Erudite outfits with Buckle boots fits me as a active adventurer and a researcher for Weather/Phenomena event.

    This shot is taken on North Britain Landing, while Halo emerged on the sky.

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    IGN: Narzis

    Hello, I'm Narzis. My husband Papaya only dresses me in rags like this.

    I'm tired of waiting to release the Treasure Cove which is contained PIATS.

    Clothes affect a person's mindset. I'm not a kitchen maid.

    Do you have been for asking me what do I want to have it?

    Don't anymore feel you jealous of other men asking me what I want? 

    I want to be a outraging soldier in this wide world. 

    Oh, Papaya! Bring me PIATS if you don't want to break up.

    You're sick of it and don't want to be with me anymore?

    That's also cool.

    It's been funny time for a month, papaya. Send PIATS ticket my account to alimony.

    Please don't hurt the feelings of the following wives, including ex-wife! 

    Goodluck! (to me). 

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    IGN Fields

    The Jaguars decided to take a long well deserved holiday to Hawaii after sailing the seas for many months at a time.

    Whilst sunbathing on the beach, the beach DJ held a hawaiian dance competition. The jaguars all got up and joined in with the competition and they were captured by a photographer here whilst doing the competition. They won the competition and got a round of drinks as the prize.

    A strange looking man came up to the jaguars and asked them if they would like to audition for some movie, they were handed a business card and the jaguars grouped together chatting amongst themselves.

    They decided against doing the audtion and they enjoyed the holiday on the beach trying to relax before they hit the high seas once more.

  • IGN: Samantha99

    A Succubus's Seduction...

    People say... that I'm to "clingy" and that I "don't let go, once I have you". But, that's because I'm just a vixen at heart.

    I say... "All's fair in love & war", hiding in your turtle shells won't keep me from you. Eventually everyone comes into my embrace.

    So sail the seas with heed, for a hug from me will take your breath away...😈


    Samantha99 (Queen of hugs)

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    Here I am dressed in my Improved Steam Engineer Work Suit which enables me to do my work efficiently and fashionably.
    A man focused on his work is always at his most attractive!

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  • IGN : RatuLebay

    A long time ago, in a small village near the beach in West Sumatra lived a woman and her son, RatuLebay. RatuLebay and his mother had to live hard because his father had passed away when he was a baby. RatuLebay was a healthy, dilligent, and strong boy. He usually went to sea to catch fish. After getting fish he would bring it to his mother, or sell the caught fish in the town. One day, when RatuLebay was sailing, he saw a merchant’s ship being raided by a band of pirates name Jeromial. With his bravery, RatuLebay helped the merchant defeat the pirates. To thank him, the merchant allowed RatuLebay to sail with him. RatuLebay agreed in the hope to get a better life. He left his mother alone. Many years later, RatuLebay became wealthy. He had a huge ship and a lot of crews who worked loading trading goods. He was also married to a beautiful woman. When he was sailing on his trading journey, his ship landed on a coast near a small village. The local people recognized that it was RatuLebay, a boy from the area. The news ran fast in the town; “RatuLebay has become rich and now he is here”. An old woman, who was RatuLebay’s mother, ran to the beach to meet the new rich merchant. She wanted to hug him to release her sadness of being lonely after a long time. When his mother came near him, RatuLebay who was with his beautiful wife and his ship crews denied that she was his mother. She had pleaded RatuLebay to look at her and admit that she was her mother. But he kept refusing to do it and yelling at her. At last RatuLebay said to her “Enough, old woman! I have never had a mother like you, a dirty and ugly woman!” After that he ordered his crews to set sail to leave the old woman who was then full of sadness and anger. Finally, feeling enraged, she cursed RatuLebay that he would turn into a stone if he didn’t apologize to her. RatuLebay just laughed and set sail. Suddenly a thunderstorm came in the quiet sea, wrecking his huge ship. He was thrown out to a small island. It was really too late for him to avoid his curse, he had turned into a stone.



    when skies reflects down to the oceans

    to when the light falls

    when birds dive under

    me always ready to go down where the skies falls

    i'm always ready to go down of being me w/ my fashion

    i will dive down like birds

    and be me ; being me

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  • IGN: AdrianTepes

    The Spanish expedition has just reached the Incan border. Our frigate with large billowing sails and avant garde fashion seem to have convinced the Incan natives that we are emissaries from their gods. Despite the language barrier, they treated us warmly and invited us to their pyramid-palace for a welcome feast.

    To make a good impression on our hosts, I wore my best orange plaited gown flanked with a ermine lined half robe. A white fur collar with a garnet brooch and commodore hat further enhanced my appeal. At the celebrations, I decided to do a dance to break the ice. I must have cut a dashing figure as I twisted and turned flawlessly in my best cloths.

    Our hosts and my men laughed and drunk like friends that night, bringing our two cultures closer.

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    IGN: korlana

    After a long travel from East Asia with my dear friend and voyage around world, on this adventure we reach an exotical flowers stand owned by an little girl in oxford, so we decided help and get some of those, and take a picture to promote our newest friend so she can paid her tution fees. As you can see, we can found treasures and beatuies whenever you travel in the world if you keep your eyes open to the beauty of the nature.

  • IGN: Rireal (accompanied by Axllyne)

    Guam, a beautiful island surrounded by multiple smaller islands, providing a magnificent sea view. The local population, with their warm welcoming, make it an excellent romantic getaway. 

    The Black & White theme, presented by their outfits, is very symbolic. The clothes, while of simple fabric, represents the acceptance of each one for the other, as their clothes contrast with their wings and halos. 

    The contrasting colors can be surprising, as often similar colors are believed to achieve a good fashion look. However, the color contrast can definitely look even more beautiful as shown by both angels. Just as in clothes, contrasting personalities can sometimes be the best match.

    The shining light coming from behind the mountains signals the faraway, yet bright, future ahead.

  • IGN: AddiiAddy

    Here in the palace of St. Petersburg people sail from miles around to see the latest Winter fashion trends, how else are you going to keep warm in the winter months?

    This Winter it is all about high hats and long coats. Forget the high fashion of Florence or the elegant clothes of Asia, they wont keep you warm when it's cold out. Yes they may look nice and have better stats but how you going to avoid the icebergs when you become an iceberg yourself?

    So get out your Boyarka and Kaftan and walk, walk turn and pose in the latest Russia Winter fashion trends!!

    Disclosure*No animals were hurt in the making of these clothes, but a lot vodka was drank*

  • IGN : Jiyom

    Chuseok -Korean thanksgiving day- has come. Jiyom comes to Hanyang with her husband and daughter to see her parents. But her father never opens the door. She eventually bursts into tears, and her young daughter wonders why her grandfather won't open the door.

    Why did this happen?

    Because her marriage broke the taboo. Five years ago, she fell in love with her husband Kendoong, who was a servant in her household. However, in 15th century Korea, there was a system of status. Her noble father did not accept their love. Eventually, she ran away from her home with Kendoong and gave birth to her daughter in a rural village, living happily ever after. Years later, she missed her parents so much and came to ask her parents for forgiveness.

    Her father is very angry. But because he wants to see her granddaughter who looks exactly like her daughter, wouldn't he eventually open the door?

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