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大家好 巨龍!

Salutation, Dragons!

The mists have parted from the lost island of Hainan. Now this dangerous area of insane exiles and hostile Iwami clan members is available for players seeking their greatest challenge yet.

The Hainan’s unveiling heralds many new events and features:

• The high-level Hainan Island area, where powerful players can challenge the strongest opponents in the land, and earn rewards of hitherto-unmatched power.

• Random Iwami incursions throughout the Land. Defeat them and the entire server will receive a buff!

• A 30-day two-relic set can be claimed by each account. 

• The Blue Dragon’s Treasure Box, now available in the Papaya Play Marketplace, featuring rare and exclusive rewards.

Papaya Play has even more for you to discover in Nine Dragons, so brush up on your kung fu, gather your chi, and come join us.


Thanks, and see you in the Land!

Team Papaya

Read the full patch notes for Hainan’s release here : https://9dragons.papayaplay.com/9dragons.do?tp=news.view&postid=3625

More game information, and the Nine Dragons community, are found at these links:

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/gaming/NineDragonsOfficial

Official Discord Channel : https://discord.com/invite/ninedragons

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