Create rate for Royal Sapphire Pendants


Can anyone guide me on how to create royal pendants. Failed to create it despite on premium and clan buff.

How many tries shall i prepare to get all the pendants?


  • Success rates for Creating items have usually been hidden until this point, but recent legal developments in certain countries are causing us to be more up front with Create rates. In the case of the Royal Sapphire Pendants, the success rate is 3%.

    Keep in mind that modifications to Create success rates are functions of the success rate. What this means is that if you have +100% Create success rate from items, buffs, etc, and the base success rate is 3%, then your success chance will be 6%, ie. 3%, plus 100% of 3%.

    At the bare minimum, it will require 33 tries, on average, per pendant. Thankfully you don't lose the Imitation Pendant if you fail, and the drop rate on Black Sapphire Shards has been increased to higher than planned since it was bugged for the first week.

    Good luck to you!

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