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    Papaya unbann all the hariboo acc´s pls, this guy proved that he was unfairly banned all the 500 times,

    but be aware that he still do it in private rooms and in public rooms with bot acc's.

    Drunkguy, some issues are easy to check in server registry files. If even Wrstats could do it a few years ago Papaya can do it now, its only a question of "WILL"🤷‍♂️ (to work)

    Ur half sec. ended.

  • Now the question, from who did u guys get this fake screenshot trying to make it look like I did 400 kills in 1 or 2 matches? XD

    Little pawel11 so desperate? Or maybe old mrErr0r mad af he cant play games when I am online? mhhh XDDDD

    nice fail fanboys

  • Where did i tell that the "500" bans werent deserved? All i did is to show you that YOUR screen is fake.

  • Funny how he focus on "400 KILLS in 2 hours"....there's another interesting fact in the screen.

    The screen its more legit than both of U \©/

  • There skills are based on a quater of a game. He got 120k kills but not one screen shot of there clan playing together.

    Morty 433 hours 1500 games yet not one screen of clan ready to play.

    They just badge holders.

    It sounds and must read like we are crying here but take a second.

    What is impossible to show here is the 1000s of games they have ruined. The 1000s of hours of unbalanced gameplay as a direct result of them entering the room the 1000s of lvl 1s they have killed between them to fake there stats.

    This spans years. Not one game, one day or one week.

  • Idk guys why you even argue with german couple(?)... It's totally pointless mentioning banned accs of hariB0T. This guy can't do sht, besides freekills in NA server or cheating as his previous bans (on main accounts) proves xD.

    How you can take someone like that serious xDDDDD. He is just fluffy mental breakdown, trying to be stronk via game xD, but still... even here, he is worthless, scared of everyone, probably his own shadow too, lol... Im not even laughing at it, cause it's just sad. Someone should really help this poor guy, mentally and financially probably too, cause he is mind disabled, as we all know.

    He will never join hard competitive games, cause he can't use his fake 1lvls accounts there. If he can't gain advantage of sabotaging other team or use his fake accounts to check enemies positions, you won't see him online hahahaha. He is such a 32... failure :P.

    You can invite him or even type him, to HELP HIS "FRIENDS (XD)", cause they are lacking skills to play against us, but he won't join. Never.

    Even when his BF asks for help, he refuses. That's sad, but huh... NA SERVER FREEKILLS waiting LOL.

    Hard game? burrrrzaaa asking for shaddyxD2 help? No way he is gonna join xD.

    Always same...

    Everyone is playing games like this, but hey, it's EU server XD, shaddixD2 can only do kills on NA server, when freekilling :P.

    MD19 DOWN

    Same over and over.

    You see.. burzalsky leaving, no helpka from hariB0TKA.

    "freekilling NA i guess"


    You are right razzi :D, he won't join. Too hard for hariB0T XD.

    The funniest part is, that I really want him to show off, help him, really, lend him a helping hand, ask him to play 4v7. For real, 4v7, so he will have easier, cause he don't have enough... enough lol, ANY SKILLS to compete vs ME and he still RUN AWAY. LOOOL. Imagine hah.

    He is still being scared, you got this guys? hahahahahahha.

    Even with teams like this, I will purge you, and ur "mates". Get it finally. 2021 shaddixD2 new comer :P

    Oh, even if he gets in (probably by missclick), which happens one for 3 years, he going like this:

    Here are enemies for you, your own account, logged, via your own laptop xD.

    Hahahahahahahahahahahhaahahahahahah. RL = F🍔A🍔I🍔L🍔U🍔R🍔E

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    ohoooo little pawelek needed 1 week to unleash his madness, guess my posts made him mad af hihihi ☺️

    It's fine even Leoo says you are a pussy and dont want to play vs me, keep being the second mrterr0r with making up your own delusional fantasy stories. It's entertaining and basically what I want. Making you mad and desperate to cry a river on forums, discord and in game little fluttershy XD

    Cryink na lajwie dyink to kyller2nd XD XD XD

    Tryink to play thamugadi but nie ma bases nie ma apache so fast exitka :((( before deathka comink

    It was only SneakyHit on other side and little pawel fast exit XDDDD

    But deaths comink anyways haauahauahah 0-3 cuz roof was blocked

    a level 1 with 0.2 kd kills you so easily with the worst heavy trooper rocket in the game LOLOLOLOLOLOL PAWELEK???

    I love how you had no balls to play with your main account in CWs when Enzo asked you to play CWs XDDDD

    instead you hide dupa on "lastproman" XDDDDDDDDD

    and you still manage to be useless for ur team and get fked HAHA

    I wonder how mad and sad you were when they changed the maps for cws so u couldnt spam marien xauen cadoro NIU anymore to have the advantage that YOU always need because you are a shy little puppy with a crackhead voice that goes ring ring on doors to sell cabelkas XD

    Big proof that you are a cringe hypocritical loser XDDD complaining about skins when force yourself playing on sub account for being scared to play on pajo11 XDDD

    but then you look like this ahahahah XD

    I mean, people telling you how garbage you are everyday. It's not only me who says that. Players leave your clan because you are an ex launcher and hecate pussy, people leave your clan because you never help them under spawnkill, you go offline and wait for razzi to play with you easy spawncamp games xd. You dont accept invitations when being asked to play normal games XD you suddenly log off from the game when it can be risky for daddy's kd

    So yeah you really trying to give your best competing with mrterr0r in having the worse mental illness lol

    getting killed by the worst medic gun lul,

    bye bye little pawel. dont forget to sell cables for skinkas and premkas XD ;)

  • 16 + 16 = 32 haha

    Papaya wont taken any notice of its oldest players. Combined 32 years experience.

    Being in ya 20s like morty you have an excuse for being a moron. Still not fully delevloped. This guy is middle age and calling me old.

    32 and cheating like this on a free to play game.

    That really is mental.

  • Yeah, keep going both of you please. You fit each other very well. I still can't decide who is more mental XD.

    appreciate it so much to see the one guy hard stuck in 2007 being delusional and thinking the game can become again as it was in 2007 and the other dude whose parents wished to have a girl and made him watch unicorn movies which leads him to get bullied in school. However he finally became a stronk cable seller who has only balls in the chat or on forum LUL

    so thanks for entertaining us and make us laugh with your autistic comments ever day 👍️

  • Ye terr0r xD. He is the one that failed his spanish college (while already being 30 - which is even funnier at this point) and his dreams about being a teacher VANISHED lol... Imagine, the dream, being a spanish teacher.. dafu.. You aim high burgerito micky, you aim high, lol.

    Idk about screens he posted xDDD, he trying to convince me, that some low lvl "cheater" (idk if true, just a lot of ppls were flaming) is "me", bcs milan and kfp were in warfare xD. Don't compare me to you shaddixD2, I was never banned + Im the one who is playing on 1 MAIN account only, not like hariB0TKA, everyday new lvls 1 wave to hold FREEKILLED KD in NA server, when every HGM gone sleep xDDDDDD. AJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJ.

    It's funny, that you are talking about clan wars, poor little 2021 new comer burgerIB0, cause I have like 1k CW's on my main :P.

    These kind of games are only available on specific mode (pssst, it's CQC - yes, the mode you never been at 🤣🤣). Oh, you were there once, but vanished as fast as you came, waiting for someone to play FOR YOU, cause you are scared little pu.. xD.


    OHHH and here, but you got rekt like a BOT. Btw, imagine, that you lost, while hacking on this account HAAHUAH AJAJAJAJ. [*] RIP.

    And here...

    You should stick to ur only "skill" (xD).

    +you can spam ur fake accounts over and over, cause you are never gonna join to MY GAME and challenge the REAL AND ONLY KING 👑

    + use more of ur fake accounts to scout me haahaha, the real FLUFFY fanboy :P. I can sign on ur belly if u wish so 🍔🍔.

    Idk, why you never try to help ur "mates". They need it. You know... I can handle everything by my own, you need 2 or 3 laptops with fake accounts, to atleast be positive :P.

    No matter the teams and balance ;). I don't need to camp in havoc like you hauahuahuauah. Ye, the most tanky heli, SO U FEEL SAFE :(.

    You can't even compete in not hard games, not even... normal ones? Problems cause you occasional players. Huh.

    But no worries micky, Im always here to secure the score of ur mates and clanmates oke? You can thank me later, be nice :D.

    They are so nice to me, always :D, so grateful, cause they can't count on you :(. Not ur skill level. It's not NA server, oke? No worries, tho.

    Oke burza, oke :PPPPP. I know you can't count on hariB0T.


    So sad that you always disappoint them. Not like me.

    Btw, psst. burgeRIB0 missing every game like this:

    No news tho :P.


    But sometimes, even you can speak some true and be nice. Ye, it's hard for you, but it's good. Im glad that you could throw ur feelings out.

    But YO, hariB0T, You had ur good games too, don't get me wrong, ok...ok?

    Camping with engineer in vehicles... and you can't even get close to me, PITY PITY... cky.


    You need thousands of accounts to play vs me XDDDDDDD, and you still, far behind me. S I T.

    Good F2P skin too... you should consider a nick change, maybe "F2P"? Hard tryink, but still sitting. Insane.

    ...................... 18+ scenes. hariB0T0Z0 fiste*, with his fav pink gloves.

    Btw, I still wait du hun.. :P. Oh already perm banned this acc. Ah... same story over and over. Be brave hariB0T0Z0, like you always do in front of ur screen in ur lil cute basement :).

    F🍔A🍔I🍔L🍔U🍔R🍔E F🍔A🍔I🍔L🍔U🍔R🍔E F🍔A🍔I🍔L🍔U🍔R🍔E F🍔A🍔I🍔L🍔U🍔R🍔E.

    32 F🍔A🍔I🍔L🍔U🍔R🍔E

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    Nice, looks like I got what I wanted and made you mad and triggered so much that you waste 2 hours of posting a comment XD XD.

    You should better dream of cables instead of me :(. You are so obsessed with me that even mrterr0r is getting jealous. Both of you probably so mental that I am the only thing you have in mind XD... I mean, I knew I could make you desperate and mad because of a video game but that I could go so far... hell yeah, I have surpassed even myself 😍👑

    You talk about clanwars but dodged every single one that I asked you for. You dodged good clans even though you decided to pick the map and side, yet you lost XD.

    Playing 20-16 as an assault in BG XD complaining about mp7 XDXD and at the end ragequitting the game, thats what you are known for. Ohara camper, pay to win abuser, roof camper, never joining games under spawnkill, picking easy sides, dodging good players. Ask any decent BG player and they will all sum you up with these words "camper, pussy, hecate, ex launcher, roof hiding, daddy's account"

    the lastproman thing we dont need to discuss about, you know that it is you hiding on a sub account and getting smashed in cqc

    Just the fact that you RQ fast before the game ended for "not being on screenshot" XDDD while they recorded the game proves that it is you the cringe pussy that has never learned to play competitive and cares a lot about kd and score in 2023 XD XD which makes players leave his clan because he's never there when his clan gets spawntrapped (even vs SneakyHit you rq on thamu lol) Play the game and turn the game? but instead...


    You will always remain like that and nobody likes you for a reason. Guess everybody shittalks u? XD You are bad, you abuse every advantage you can, you camp and you never support your team.

    You have never been seen in the prime time of BG when games were competitive and balanced, you were hiding on Ohara and Red Clover all day and managed to RQ half of these games when you died lol.

    Any time that I played versus you, you were the guy abusing ex launcher (breaking the rules the others agreed for) just to keep your KD above XD All you did was hiding behind other players or on roof with hecate/ex launcher/ web grenade and back to ammo station.

    1 week ago you had the chance to play 5v5 or 6v6. You disappeared, you went offline, you didnt show up the next days and if you show up it's only with holding razziger's hand










    thats ur gameplay on thamugadi hard games, just playing for your own useless kd instead of taking bases or being useful 🥔

    and this is the way to deal with scumbags like you.

    Getting voted by Gasira/tizzo aka. lITlSucuk, someone who is much better than you because he doesnt care who he plays against and what his KD is. He is not a pussy like you who has to hide in a video game lmao

    bye bye back to ohara

    Oh let's remind all of us how games ended that you joined by accident in the hope that I wasnt there

    0 bases, just farming people on street with ex launcher from base 5 roof

    I can even play on a level 1 acc with mp7 only and smash the shit out of him XD

    Whenever he spawned he ran 500 m away to avoid me lmao, however managed to give him 12 deaths in 2 mins

    Tried to play Cantumira

    But... k1 too stronk XD

    Your real acc, real KD before getting dadd'ys boosted Ohara KD XDDD

    Never available helping your clan... But being the first when its abotu spawnkilling hihi XD


    Whenever you see mee...

    whenever your kd drops

    Definition of a loser.

    mrterr0r even making you play 8:5 while being dbr aktc full skin in smoke XD.

    Poor little pawel, everyone laughs at him. IRL getting bullied for liking girl's stuff, playing with barbie and watching unicorns XD

    In game getting spit on for being a loser that is useless for the team ... big awa awa when every good player tells you how garbage you are and all the bots or cheaters like Tutta, SasukePro, Phenomz, badboy755, Pepazzo want to be friends with you... I mean at this point you must understand what kind of players you attract? XD

    With that being said:

    Get fisted in your dreams 👊

    Please post the same screenshots as you always do and keep us updated of your mental illness so we can laugh about you in our free time.

    Thanks a lot cablesellerka <3

  • On the global stage right now. Every one is lined up ready too play.

    Except the Germans.

  • What a pointless german shi* xDDDDDDDDDDDD. You will never come to my level, even when you are joining with 3 fake accounts to sabotage my game xD. Peasant.

    You really sending random screens of someone being killed etc etc. Wow, insane. We all know that you are the only one, that can make, (on freekill accounts, ofc xD!) 100-0 xdddddddddddddddd.

    Another game, another disappointment... poor burger micky. Typical shaddiXD2.

    Bla bla... what's the point of it? Idk, but you like it tho, lol.


    Atleast true...

    Wooooooooaaaaaa. Cool f2p skinka, btw, you probably had so much fun injecting DINGIDONG like this xDDDDDDDD.

    Woowww... get rekt by lvl 2? Uh...

    :O XDDDDDDDDD🤣🍔🤣🍔🤣🍔🤣🍔🤣🍔🤣🍔. Are you lower in scoreboard, while being from the beggining of the game, hitting 0-5, than a guy that just joined the room? xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD. It's insane how bad you actually are.

    The only enemy you can "handle" is ur own laptop, with ur own low level account...

    This is the best part. hariB0TKA movement with full skin and guns vs guy with colt only hahahahahahaa:


    Being with skin and guns vs guy with a colt. YES, this is the same player he laughs at and the funniest part of it is this:

    THE SAME GUY makes fun of him with a colt. Typical shaddiXD2. 🐒

    I know why you are mad in the video game like this. It's probably because of your sad life, which is all about rolling burgers, just as your old clanmate and friend proved. You don't need to be upset our burger micky. One day, maybe... these bad times will pass and after years of trying, you will FINALLY finish ur spanish college and... xd.... xD... XDDDD, you will graduate (XD2).

    "I'm lovin it! 🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔"

    Now go fast type, frustrated af XDDD, with ur fluffy fingers.

    Glad that WarRock have someone like this. Atleast we can make fun of ur growing anger and growing belly too :PPPPPPPPPP + banlists are never empty, in the category of cheating, bugging, freekilling, acc sharing etc. etc AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAHHAHA. SIT.

    32 F🍔A🍔I🍔L🍔U🍔R🍔E

  • 95 morty born.

    95-2009 is 13

    But 32 in 2023 makes someone 18 in 2009

    Quick maths.

    Groomed with dinas, background programs and the lure of being the best in game?


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    Good job, pawel listen to me my inferior subhuman and keep being autistic. Did I trigger you so hard? :( opsi daisy

    I love the fact that 90 % of your screenshots are edited or cut to hide the truth behind them XD.

    this is yours ^ cutting the facts, editing the truth, you good at it pawelek its an mental symptom to be delusional ;p

    ofc he is gonna play mk1s he cant even keep his score up in normal games :(

    and of course you dont show the fact that in this match IT joined under spawnkill and you had already a score of 20:0 spawnkilling a level 1

    The rematch looked like this... :

    16:15 only sitting on roofs with ex launcher lmao pawel... cmon XDDD

    I also love how fast you left the game after it because of scoreboard Býg " LASTPROMAN " XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

    Leaving so fast like a lightning cable and in the next Pargona east match where Ex launcher doesnt help you you disappeared also soooo fast like a lightnign cable XDDDDDDD Swiatlowod stronk

    The lobby then... where pawel :(? 16:15 too much for today dupa hurting a lot ;( opsiiii

    back to oharka spamming noobs with ex launcher from hillka hihi XD

    such a noob low XDDDDDDDDD ex launcher, mk1s, hecate, but hey? Is ex launcher reloadable on the ammo station? 🤓


    Playing a 2v2 on red clover NIU and getting smashed "Snuppi123 aka Klaudia" not stronk teammate? ;( maybe back to Just dance or did I hear correctly that she broke up with you because you rather played warrock and typed about ME all day on discord? Jealous klaudia and rq from cable pawel ;( nie ma ringka pawel u can sell it

    whenever you join mid games and dont spawnkill it looks like this... ooof pawel

    fast exit ohara... not having better team ;( awa awa pawelek

    2-3 ohara LMAAAAAAAAAAAAO vs these enemies same KD as FOG777 ... We will see later that he is YOUR biggest enemy XDDDD

    sitting only on roofs or hills with hecate but getting smashed by people with 0.2 KD XDDDDDDDDD

    Sniper off so cant sit with hecate on roof ;( fast 1-3 opsi

    1 sec after spawn sniperino in cqc woop woop pawel specatink :(

    mp7 your biggest nightmare... good that it wasnt the snow camo XDDD I heard is OP HAS SILENCER AHAHAHA

    spawn dead, spawn dead, spawn dead.... I hope daddy wont see that :o

    even for Nocho aka AntiTerroR you are not a fear XDDDDDDDD HE spawncamps you and eats you for breakfast uahauhah

    Tryink disturm? getting mp5ked with DBR and aktc XD

    4-4 vs GODS? XDDDDD How bad are u auahahah


    another guy with a 0,3 KD who plays with you like his little toy TOMEKBOOOOOOOOOM21 paweldown11

    This gun.... Ask papaya for fix? :(((( IS OP soon has silencer then game over!

    Also galdomix op? or mp5 OP? Kills pawel so easily. What doink???? Smoke expired? how dyink to him

    ^ XDDDDDDDDDDDDD I got so many confirmations and likes for this even razzi laughed his ass off when seeing this AWA AWA pawel

    There is a lot more pawel, so keep going I can always counter you and make you look like a clown with your edited posts and same posts over and over again :P You are and will be always the biggest loser in this game who can only camp, hide and RQ. ;) Deal with it.

    Just like that:

    Also funny that you talk about acc sharing when you literally got daddy's account because your main account "xForward" wasnt migrated because you were selling cables in another city and didnt have access to make the migration of your main acc XDDDDD

    I hope for you that your daddy didn't want money for his account XDDDD Imagine you have to buy an acc from your father. But honestly I could Imagine that he wanted money from you since they always wanted to have a daughter and tried to make a girl out of you... I mean they did well tho XDDD "Fluttershy? Playing like girl? Voice sounds like an unknown species? XD"

    Keep cryink and making me laugh its enjoying af pawelek ;p cabelka 🤩

  • Mental 100% confirmed.

    Are you really showing us screenshots of you playing on a now banned account while trying to mock the scores of legit users? Level 90 but banned in 2018. What have 6+ year old screenshots got to do with anything, except confirm everything we are saying.

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    1000s of games

    1000s of hours

    1000s bot accounts.

    1000s spys

    A decade of bull-shit from this one user!

  • AHAHAHAHAH, you are using fake account on WARROCK FORUM too. hariB0TKA gone really mad. As I previously stated, you are scared of ur own BIG (XD) shadow. Now you are posting screens from... youtube? WOW, I hit you very hard with the real true ^^. Idk if you will be able to leave ur basement in the coming days, whoah :P.

    Such a true xDDD + it's not fake account like urs, but a "normal" player hahah.

    It's funny how you are my BIGGEST (real big xD) fanboy :P. Screening every death with fake accounts on my side.. what a spastic xD

    The funniest story xDDDDDD. shaddixD2 getting BAJOJAJOED :PP. It looks kinda normal tho... he is way better than you hihihih ^^.

    Always sooooo mad, when getting purged out of the game, whoah. Angry 🍔.

    The real pr0 :P. Every game on emblem vs his low lvl acc


    LIKE A BOSCH, our biggest AI skiller. EliteAIForces waitink?

    The real state of hariB0TKA:

    And he is still going 3/4, abusing mg3 on cqc. What a clown LOL.

    xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD that's so true. Glad you admitted it.


    "gg all, LEFT THE GAME" xD, game too hard for hariB0TKA, shaddixy2 need fast leavka. Too hard game for him.

    It was hard for him to play on 2 accounts, in the same time LOL... btw veri tough opponents, ur skill level ahahha.

    Even with cheats, PLAYING ON HIS MAIN (this account got banned FOR CHEATING - AHAHAHA), he is getting 6-3 in 100 kills game... XDDDDDD, what a bot. You are worthless xD.

    LOL, veri veri hard opponents. Balanced TEAMS, and you can't even hit 2.0... wow.

    You can't do anything else, besides cheating, freekilling and... STEALING WARROCK NICKNAMES, lol yes. hariB0TKA is really stealing other nicknames, when the players are changing their nicknames, so he can feel STRONKKKK while hitting 1 lvl of "casein" xDDDDDDDDDD and screen it, hahaha. bnut bnut XD XD XD.

    The real profffffesiooonalka tankerka shaddiXD2, farming freekills (probably his own accs once again hahaha) on siegewar1 with engineer in tank... what a b0t.

    But still.... PURGED.

    You never could play on ur own and always sooo scared to play some hard games. It was always better to use ur fake accounts to sabotage our games? XDDDDD. Atleast you could watch some professional gameplay, from close range :D.

    One acc kicked, second one is ready to sabotage too, ahahha, what a braindead.

    xDDD you are really mental.

    I hope that HGM squad, is gonna look after this :)

    What a braindead...


    Nothing to say here. You are IRL loser and and the same goes for the game xD.

    32 F🍔A🍔I🍔L🍔U🍔R🍔E

  • Breathe pawel... Breathe.... 😌

    don't forget about your little unicorn heart. I was just talking with Burza few mins ago and he tellink me interesting stories about u ;p

    You never have big mouth in front of him and keep being a shy little kid giving him medic fastka, good puppy hihi.

    28/27 opsi razziger cant count on you, too useless to take bases. 🤣

    easier to spam ex launcher from roofka right? 🥔

    Never there for back up, hiding in lobby waiting for ohara 😭

    But dont worry guys! WE GOT 'EM! Hiding on hills fullskin pink fluffy unicorn fluttershy XDDDD

    PLEASE SOMEONE HELP PAWELEK!!! without baiting someone on base 4 is impossible for him to take ;(

    Not probably... He really is paranoid XDDDD "LEVEL 1 RAZZI LOOK HE DOINK BIKEJUMP AND KILLED ME IS HARIBO!!!"

    20 mins in game hiding dupa in pargona east XDDD instead of taking bases or helping his team with stinger he stayed all game in main base hiding in chunma or with ex launcher UAHAAUAHAH

    Even no balls to rejoin against me ;( has to be carried by his master. No problem pawel i got u, I remember you sitting base 1 on hill with hecate XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD so stronk. 15 kills in 40 mins ajajaja

    AHAHAAH yeah i remember how u cried the shit out because of the videos XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD so many people laughing at u

    XDDDD awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa daddy im sorry i ruin your KD ;(

    the comments XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD everyone laughing at u pawel. How does it feel to be the joke for this community? ;(

    Oh... I forgot about this game. Ohara YOUR MAP XD (or daddy's?) Your clan begged you for help but again you logged off from game and hide under blanket ;( opsie pawel shaddix too stronk?

    Support my clan on my map? NO when shaddix online I go offline few days (acting like you have RL but typing till the night about me on discord XD)

    28:15 ajajajaja pawel??? Whats poppin? XD After this day you needed another week of break to fix your mental breakdown ;( unlucky I am sorry, but hey at least you used only ex launcher and didnt take a base! very useful for team XDD

    I mean? Razzi plays the games, hes not a pussy like you :( Fast back to cabel

    He asked me for help, because he knows exactly how useless you gonna be for a hard game where you have to move instead of sittign with hecate on roof XD. Oh wait, sniper off... we see the problem 1-3 XDXD

    Could have turned this game easily, but not to support little pawel on my side ;( anlaki

    "You know... Pajo is only stronk when he can spawncamp with Hecate or on Ohara 😅 We wanted to play a game, they called me, but then he decided to not play because "we dont have good team" XD ... oh dear XDXD How pussy u are? dodging everything which can be a lose for u ;( become a man and Klaudia will probably come back to u

    So better fix your mental, spend time with your "girlfriend" (now she already left because she noticed what a loser u are XD) instead of typing about me all day XDDD SneakyHit told me you made radios in game just for me. I guess obsession confirmed again? XDDDDDDD

    That being sad, I expect you to continue typing and entertaining us with your diseases.

    Oh, and btw. Keep up your great ideas:

    That's the changes we need. Hecate is fine, ex launcher is fine, all the skins are fine as long as you can look like barbie, right? XD

    BUT PLEASE FIX mp7a1 snow camo dis gun has silencka alo alo papaya listen to pawelek


  • Why do you never show how the games started? Only post end screens because you fuck the first 20-mins with fake accounts.

    You start vs me and a team you will lose more then you win, and a 4+ will just be a dream. You are limited its the same maps being shown over and over. The handful of maps which offer a noob an easy way to rack kills up. By using fake accounts you screw a 40 min game within the first 60s each time. This again i've been saying for years!

    Why is your base count so low in every screen? don't you know W is to move.

  • edited January 26

    Why are you both always fully loaded, yet talking about skills?

    Show me some screens of you free to play, maybe using a single weak weapon or placing yourself onto a weak team knowing the outcome is not very good. You both game after game abuse this game to gain an advantage. And regularly have games where you are the 10 vs 4

    Every screenshot all p2w, every op item, always have help in the lobby...

    Pajo can i ask what your win rate is? Are you brave enough to share your transaction history for 2022? Skills? Because the clown wont share how much he paid last year, will you?

    These scores would be a lot different for everyone had the teams been balanced in players and firepower. It's impossible to have a game designed for 20 or more players to be started with so few players each time as it opens up so much abuse that effects the gameplay and in turn as seen, effects the player base. Let's give three cheers for improved weapon stat sales this month

    Pajo you have ruined just as many games for me as he has. Every game you both stack teams just to retain some fake stats.

    None of these games started with max players, and you outpaid the vast majority and every screen for such competitive players you both have helpers, you are never alone in game... So let's not start kidding ourselves.


  • edited January 25

    Is it not time we back all this chatter up? I think it is.

    The Warrock Battle-Group League

    There is some debate between players about who is the better player. Which is strange given its a team game. All active players in game, forum, discord. 100 hours a month. What is the excuse for not wanting to play something like this, having all claimed to be competitive players.

    Time a proper GM stepped in and organise an event. (one who cares?)

    It's a simple game of Warrock, what is the problem here?

    So many competitive players who should be bang up for something like this. 10 vs 10 don't excite you all? propper games. Now everyone gets to put all this game IQ and movement we have been reading about into reality. So few users have the bottle to enter into a room knowing they are 100% equal to every other player within the room. Even though this is how every game should be.

    You can choose what type of firepower to bring to battle.

    Everyone has access to the same amount of currency prior to the game starting. Weapons are there for everyone to choose from, but pick wisely. if its locked you are not using it!

    You don't know who will be by your side, random teams. The map will be chosen right before starting, giving no one the chance to load out with map knowledge. Making weapon selection even more vital.

    Blind to the teams, the map, the side. Even other users. As this is sign up. 17 spots (me + 2 gms)

    Each player who signs up will be given a PW and user name 15mins before via discord




    10 vs 10

    Each account will have all the items / weapons / slots removed. There is nothing between anyone. Bar there aim and Game IQ

    Users can share there bot number during the 15min group stage or choose to stay silent and just play! No one needs to know who you are!

    Kd does not matter. Wining does! How do you load out. ?


    Introducing the half time rule

    A game of 60min divided by two. Now forcing teams to set up and protect areas of certain maps. Waiting for the clock to count down to lift off.

    That's right, for the first 30.00 mins the main vehicles of each map will go unused. The objective is to capture and defend bases. Whoever controls the most favourable spots at the 30.00 mark is highly likely to go on and win the game. This still leaves enough time for a pilot to rack up a nice score. Bikes, trucks, hvs and any low powered vehicles can be used for movement around the map.

    1. Maps like Pargona, Pargona east, Cantumira, Counturas, Highlands, Counturas, crater, etc

    Maps which are unfriendly to f2p players now become a lot more bearable and fun. Its your own fault if you do not control the strongest assets on the map at the 30.00 mark.

    Simple rule changes can effect the gameplay so much in a positive way. Warrock is not the problem. Its the toxic community :(

    Am i the only competitive player in the game wanting to play a balanced game or two?

  • Hello... To all the "competitive" players, Where are you?

  • edited January 27

    Silent like the clown? are you joining the circus too?

    Pajo can i ask what your win rate is? Are you brave enough to share your transaction history for 2022? Skills? Because the clown wont share how much he paid last year, to tell me how easy i am, will you?

    He gone silent now too. When you place these players who abuse the game with fake stats on the spot. They stop replying. Yet want to argue with each other about whos the best in this game at stitching the game up prior to starting.

    Look all these screens, they show one thing. You both never enter a room alone. Never play a full game alone. I can share all the my screens if you like?

    You two are so alike. Fake stats, mostly low level kills, except you gifted a 16 year old account, and never played anyone. every games been a stack. You and a hgm just like a mirror image of the clown and this GM. You two never play each other but always with each other every game.

    Shall i share the discord messages of this kid getting mad, for exposing him on discord. He was not happy me showing him bunny hopping teams every game. Or hiding behind 10 clan members every game or for being a team stacking, p2w low lvl basher, like shaddix. while telling me he has skills.

    Common pajo, reply and answer. I want to gauge myself on the 1000s you spent last year.

  • edited January 28

    The penultimate day before the biggest test of their lives. They have all been worrying about this moment arriving. The day they line up and face the best in game. Or do they stay mute and pretend they were never challenged?

    Dragonforce = silence

    shaddix = silence

    Errick = silence

    Zeal = silence

    Pajo = silence

  • Dragonforce = silence

    shaddix = silence

    Errick = silence

    Zeal = silence

    Pajo = silence

    Copy this screen and post it any time they speak on discord!

  • edited February 5

    XD🙊 XD🙈 XD

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