[BS-GLB NOTICE] New Grenade Launchers

Hello Mercs,

We understand that there are some concerns with regards to how the Grenade Launchers introduced today will affect the balancing of the game, and rightfully so. That is a valid concern to which we have considered at great extent during our internal testing as well. In order to allow us to fine-tune these weapons, none of these weapons will be sold in the shop/Gachapon yet

Instead, we will be giving them out to all players for 1D each from 14-16 Jan to test and feedback to us. We will then work with the Devs on rebalancing this as needed the next week, before we do another final round of server-wide testing from 21-23 Jan. Again, this will be followed by another round of rebalancing if needed before their eventual released for sale. Do note that after each period of testing, all Grenade Launchers given out will be deleted from loadout/mailbox hence there is no point trying to "save" your Grenade Launchers past the test duration. 

We understand that the introduction of Grenade Launchers is a significant change to the game but we seek everyone's cooperation in giving it a try and testing it out so that we can ensure its optimal balancing before its final release for sale. 

All feedback/comments can be left down below after you have had a chance to try it out. Thank you for your understanding & cooperation. 

Team BlackShot

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