[INFO] Roadmap for 2021

Hello SEA Mercs,

Thank you for your continued support during 2020, a most unusual and challenging year for everyone. We are grateful for the support you have shown us and could not ask for a better player base.

We are excited to share with you our upcoming plans for 2021. Please note that these are our current plans, but are still subject to change.

  1. Website Ranking - Already live (Ranking tab on website) but we will endeavour to add more lists
  2. New weapon type (together with its own Mastery System) - 14 Jan
  3. Daily, Weekly & Monthly Individual Quests - Q2
  4. New Tactics System to complement existing one - Q3
  5. Clan Mercenary System - Q3
  6. Clan Quests, Clan Level & Improvements to Clan System - Q3
  7. Partnership System - Q4
  8. Introduction of more old character skins - Throughout the year
  9. Release of popular old weapons - As and when available
  10. Enhanced character info page & end game scoreboards - As and when available
  11. Revamp/Fixing of GM Observer system & Hosting of Tournaments - As and when available

While these are some of the key highlights of what we have planned, you can still expect regular updates with new content throughout the year in addition to these. We welcome all constructive feedback of the abovementioned plans as well as of BlackShot in general and we encourage you to leave them in the comments section of the original post (https://www.facebook.com/groups/1037396586682384/permalink/1091354301286612) with your IGN. We will select 25 constructive feedback and send these players MP7 Sakura+ 7D and the top 5 feedback will receive Sniper Xmas+ 7D.

As always, while we appreciate all constructive feedback, we ask that everyone kindly adhere to the Group Rules & Community Guidelines. Any comments that violate our Group Rules/Community Guidelines will result in the author penalised and the comment removed.

With that said, time to get commenting! We look forward to hearing from as many of you as possible. Please provide constructive feedback on this roadmap and on top of that, content/feature ideas are also welcome!

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