Make game playable for amd users

Its so shit to play with amd because a line of code that detects amd hardware and makes it run on 1 fixed core, so much players lost because of that


  • The game isn't multi-threaded regardless. The request would be to add multiple threads support to the game. Which I don't ever see happening. I doubt they'd do any engine optimisations that actually improve things this late in the game lmao. You have to just deal with losing 70+++ fps in random scenarios forever. You can also change the core affinity via the command prompt to select only 1 core, which should help you out greatly (pick a core that isn't heavily utilized by windows). Though again, that only helps so much and eventually you run into the same bottleneck of only using a single core.

  • The Problem is (and thats retarded) that there is 1 line of code that (no joke) tells the game to run like garbage if the PC got an AMD CPU.

    (still, the "no multithread support" wouldnt get fixed by removing that line of code <.<)

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